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  1. Customer experience and how to obtain profit....
  2. Carvana??????
  3. Nice, simple website to put in your favorites tool box
  4. The Pubcon Conference????
  5. Illegal Aliens Selling Cars.
  6. 1955 Ford F-100 For Sale - Showroom Piece
  7. Anyone here going to the NCADA Convention?
  8. Question for the Dealers from a Vendor?
  9. "Buy My Volvo" video goes viral on You Tube. 1.4 million views
  10. Do you give Trade-in figures online?
  11. requesting advice for new dealer
  12. Convenient Consolidation
  13. Manheims Biggest Sale ever
  14. New Member of Internet Dept, commisioned employee, need advice
  15. Dealer sues customer over repair YouTube video
  16. Embracing Transparency?
  17. Happy Birthday Ed Brooks
  18. How to attract Gen Y sales people
  19. Our referral/bird dog process is stale. Got any cool ideas?
  20. Happy Birthday Alex Snyder!!
  21. Is 100% commission still the norm?
  22. Village idiot!
  23. Switching over to the VENDOR side
  24. What are the Top 3 questions shoppers ask when they arrive at your car dealership?
  25. Does a full moon change business?
  26. False Facebook advertising
  27. We are better than you think
  28. Where is the category for Leadership and Training
  29. True Car Story From Years Ago
  30. 10 Ways Companies Drive Away Talent
  31. When does an article become a sales pitch?
  32. Just a little Friday humor
  33. What is the Cost of Employee Turnover?
  34. I want to sell used cars.
  35. "Shady Sh!t"
  36. Joe Girard
  37. Google Eight Key Behaviors of Great Google managers
  38. Merry Christmas
  39. Posting used car inventory overseas
  40. What would you do BDC or no BDC?
  41. NADA 2014 - Agenda & Who's going?
  42. Who are your mentors? Who are your heroes?
  43. Thank You; The Sequel
  44. This Only Happens Once A Year. Don't Miss Out!!!
  45. Thank U Jeff and Dealer Refresher's!
  46. OEM support?!?
  47. A dealership is offering free cars if you buy the car before the Iron Bowl and Auburn shuts out Alabama
  48. MoVember
  49. How to handle a lot hog.
  50. Halloween Horror Stories From Digital Dealer
  51. True Car CEO to speak at JD Power Automotive Roundtable
  52. Would You Be Interested In This?
  53. What is Your Week Like?
  54. End of Month Chaos
  55. What to offer investors?
  56. Cost Plus 20% - This business gets right to it!
  57. Offered a ism position
  58. Nothing is more valuable than vision
  59. "What would it take for you to drive this car home?"
  60. I'm sorry for doing this, but what should I get paid?
  61. Other Careers in the Automotive Industry?
  62. Am I supposed to memorize the used Car inventory??
  63. DealerRater Drawing for an Ipad- ends tomorrow!
  64. Do We Really Need Car Dealerships Anymore?
  65. How do you defend a mark-up sticker?
  66. GM Google TV
  67. need to vent
  68. Will Hyundai's cool Zombie Apocalypse videos attract buyers - or zombies?
  69. How do you get them off price?
  70. Look for some guinea pigs...
  71. Prospecting or Trolling: Where is your vendor line?
  72. Laws and Regualtions
  73. Just wanted to say hello, and that I LOVE this forum and blog
  74. Smile, DealerRefresh Contest Time
  75. Gallup says 70% of Americans negative about their jobs...
  76. VADA Convention
  77. TN/AL/MO/MS Convention
  78. Anyone Attending VADA Convention next month?
  79. Happy Memorial day
  80. Are all objections overcomable?
  81. Oklahoma tornado tragedy
  82. Federal sting on Google
  83. Are you making it easier for your salespeople?
  84. Major issue with this new dealership I work at
  85. Walk the Walk...Your First Up
  86. WTF??.....I totally blanked all weekend
  87. Guess who kcar is! - POLL
  88. BDC Or DBC
  89. I'm at a Ford dealership now.........NO CRM!!
  90. Which Dealership does it best?
  91. Super Star Salesperson
  92. Happy Bday Ed Brooks
  93. I'm back to selling cars!
  94. New Skype Group. Any Car Guys On Here Have Skype?
  95. Who is going to DD14 in Orlando
  96. Happy Birthday Alex
  97. Goodbye to Google RSS Reader?
  98. Your Thoughts: Fake or Real?
  99. Cars.com Wolf Commercial
  100. Our "Up" system is jacked up!!.......what do we do??
  101. Snail Mail Digitized: Outbox
  102. My GM says I'm a "Demo Ninja"......need to work on getting people inside!
  103. The Harlem Shake of Decision Making: Confidence isn't Competence!
  104. The Universe Made Car Sales People
  105. Put your name in DR now
  106. We are some rich bastards
  107. A Realistic Pay-plan/salary amount for lead handlers?
  108. Vendor payments per car sold?
  109. Internet gives way to the "Splinternet"
  110. Don't Punish Everyone
  111. Website / Inventory Manager pay plan questions
  112. Vendor Tactics that make you go WTF
  113. Terms/Phrases in Car Sales or Sales in General You Find Offensive
  114. What would you do with a new 1989 Corvette with 67 miles?
  115. What techy gift did you get over the 2012 holidays?
  116. Worst Websites Ever!
  117. Happy Birthday Yago! - Born on Christmas Day...
  118. Something new to DealerRefresh?
  119. Car Salesmen even less trusted than Congress...
  120. Internet Marketing Manager
  121. interner manager
  122. Social media gurus nailed in Onion parody
  123. BDC Manager/Internet Director Payplan inquiry
  124. Ya Gotta Love DealerRefresh
  125. Hyundai, Kia Lies About Fuel Mileage?
  126. What's Easy About Owning/Running a Car Dealership
  127. iPads in Dealership
  128. Is it time to boot KCAR?
  129. Jeff It's Time To Pop The Champagne!
  132. Party Invite: The Joe and Shaun Karaokethon October 23rd 9pm
  133. DSES, DD13 and Vegas
  134. Happy Birthday Uncle Joe!
  135. Jared Hamilton Interviews TrueCar CEO
  136. DR Meetup (Mid-Atlantic) - Who would be interested?
  137. Video - Paris Auto Show
  138. Good People Are The Key To Any Good Organization
  139. Happy Birthday, Jeff Kershner!
  140. Happy Beerthday Mitch and Eley
  141. Sonic Automotive BDC
  142. Pushing Leases, Now Paying Off.
  143. Successful Promotions
  144. 15 million in new car sales predicted for 2013
  145. Rolling Out A Dealer Mag - Need One Vendor For Free Promotion Spot.
  146. Is the Internet Department Getting It's Share of the Advertising Budget?
  147. Is Your Job Worth Going to Prison For?
  148. 10 Most Boring Cars on the Road.
  149. Chevy Dealer Meeting in Vegas - 9.13 or Orlando Disney Training 10.14?
  150. Help with BDC PAy
  151. My First Webinar - Any tips or advice
  152. Congratulations to Dealer.com & Uncle Joe
  153. A New Low for DealerRefresh?
  154. Unified Pay Plans
  155. Once Upon a Time...
  156. Launched My New Men's Magazine Site - Let Me Know What You Think!
  157. Fall Conferences and "Pitch-fest"
  158. Why I am filing a lawsuit against DealerRefresh
  159. Jeep Grand Cherokee almost rolls over during manuever tests and blows 7 tires at 43mph.
  160. 700th Posting. Post more!
  161. Take this Quick Survey and Get Something for FREE!
  162. Does TrueCar deserve a second chance?
  163. Dresscode? Ties and Suits
  164. Do we give consumers too much credit?
  165. Someone is Killing Unicorns
  166. Post Your Motivational Videos
  167. Should I change my name?
  168. Would you work with this broker?
  169. The highlight of DigitalEdgeSummit Balt -
  170. Value of Predicting New Car Sales Volume
  171. Dealer Conference and "not so normal request"
  172. If you had to go to one conference what would it be?
  173. Why become Sales Manager?
  174. Carjacker who can't drive stick gets ride from victim
  175. Happy Birthday Jerry Thibeau
  176. BDC training help
  177. Social Media Explained
  178. IE7 Tax for using Website
  179. rel=author markup... Ever heard of this? This could help you on the SERPs
  180. Job situation in Denver?
  181. Massachusetts teen sentenced to prison for texting while driving
  182. Is paying for an award false advertising?
  183. Which browser do you use most?
  184. 20 Group Openings
  185. $100 iTunes Gift Card for $80
  186. New To The Industry
  187. Back in the business
  188. Coffee shop social media contest - vote for DR member Craig Belowski
  189. Pricing Definition
  190. CarsDirect Help
  191. Windshield Custom Printed Sticker anyone???
  192. Join the DHD 300... do it for all of auto marketing AHOOOO!
  193. New Mobile App
  194. Finding Maryland ISM's is hard
  195. Reading list
  196. Digital Dealer 12 - #DD12 - What did you think?
  197. True Car's thoughts on oil changes
  198. Great advertising
  199. Happy Birthday Alex!
  200. Watch what you say about your competition
  201. Twitter Buys Posterous
  202. Hawaii Anyone?
  203. Alternative Phone Solutions?
  204. Could this be the BEST $30 bucks your dealership ever spends?
  205. Chevy's New Online Sitcom - Under the Blue Arch
  206. February 2012 Blockbuster Sales Numbers ?!?!
  207. Quick question for the Toyota Guys in the Room.
  208. NASCAR like Automotive?
  209. Testing the waters
  210. Creative Service Notice from VW Dealership
  211. 500!
  212. I went from stalking to talking on Dealer Refresh!
  213. Question to the community?
  214. I am new to dealer refresh hello
  215. TrueCar at NADA
  216. new guy
  217. What Has Been Your Experience Hiring Female ISMs?
  218. Love this... Ferris Bueller - Honda Superbowl Ad
  219. Understanding the January 2012 USPS Price Change
  220. Meet the New VP of Training for Phone Ninjas
  221. Question for the Wordpress go to guys
  222. Extra Dealership Space
  223. Is your Dealership one of the "Best Dealerships To Work For"?
  224. Question for the MD Dealers out there...Or anyone, for that matter.
  225. NADA PARTY!!!!
  226. Invite to NADA Party
  227. Looking for a Citation Source......"the Internet generates over $??? billion in car sales"
  228. Car Carrier Killed
  229. No NADA 2012 *YAY VEGAS* Thread?
  230. "God told me you need a new car"
  231. Potentially Good Thing or Pipe Dream?
  232. Just Got JOB offered as ISM !
  233. Game Last Night
  234. 2011 Awards
  235. Do not touch the red button
  236. Business Card Referral idea
  237. Fiat Convertible
  238. Happy New Year!
  239. ...is this guy serious?
  240. What cool gadget or gift if you get for the Holidays
  241. Stoneycreek River
  242. Happy Holidays from DealerRefresh
  243. A Christmas Story
  244. 2011 Night Before Christmas
  245. New Macbook pro for christmas!
  246. Music
  247. Digital Marketing Strategies Conference
  248. New Friend
  249. School me on Twitter "Promotion?"
  250. Support - troppuS