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Apr 7, 2009
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Senior Director of Innovation

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Uncle Joe, Male, from Vermont

    1. jay.lynch
      I was not going to post the news... I thought it would be more appropirate coming from you.
    2. tomfohr

      I keep coming back to your post on the digital appointment board that you had created.... is this something you would consider selling?
    3. Will Hall
      Will Hall
      Keep flooding the electronic highways with your good content. Newbies like me need all we can get. I've been charged here at the dealership to construct a photo booth. Do you have an how-to resources you would like to share with regard to setting one up. Thanks in advance and if your on twitter let's follow each other http"//twitter.com/tweetwillhall or @tweetWillHall
    4. tehinfopk
      World Latest Telecommunication and IT News

      Computing and technology news service presents original stories and investigative reports in real-time.Get the latest Tech news headlines! News. Find breaking Tech news, including analysis and opinion on top Tech stories.
    5. Craig
      Movin on up like George Jefferson! Uncle Joe now officially a big player on the Refresh main page, congrats man.......Things are gonna start happening for you now! : )

      For real, it's well deserved that you get you picture on the front page....I learn something every time you write something. Proud to call you my "Uncle"
    6. terrencegordon
      Joe, I apologize that I just received this message. I heard you did stop by our booth, and I'm sorry I wasn't there to meet you. Let me know if there is anything I can get you in regards to info. Hope you enjoyed the show!
    7. jpark31
      Hi Joe,

      My name is John Parker, I work for a Harley dealer and I am building a new website. I really liked the Garage feature on your site. Is that something that you developed on your own or do you pay a monthly fee for it?
    8. Tordiway
      email address?
    9. kleigh
      sorry Joe, clunkers has consumed me all weekend so i missed your message.
      We build the mobile sites in house. The Iphone site was from a 70 template I found and tweeked. No heavy lifting.
    10. jthacker
      What CRM/ILM do you use? If you were to start over today, which provider would you use? I'm more interested in ILM than I am CRM too.

      I'm constantly reading forum posts and I consistently find your posts to be the most thorough and well thought out. I figure I can save some time by asking you.
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    Self Employed for decades. Co-Founder 3 successful start-ups, 2 retail, 1 internet. Ex-Wife wanted out, she took 1/2, IRS took the other half. Professional Stock Trader 7 years. Marketing Dir. at Dealerships in NY for a decade.

    Now, I am Senior Director of Innovation at Dealer.com


    "Deeply held opinions can lead you to wealth or to prison. Humbleness helps you see where you're headed."
    -Uncle Joe

    Joe Pistell LinkedIn
    Self Employed for 3 decades. Co-Founder 3 successful start-ups, 2 retail, 1 internet. Professional Stock Trader 7 years. Marketing Dir. at Dealerships in NY for a decade. Senior Director of Product Innovation at Dealer.com Software Inventor 1 US Patent & 2 Patent Pendings
    The information and analysis is provided for informational purposes only. Nothing written should be interpreted as personalized business advice. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation on how to conduct business. None of the information is guaranteed to be correct, and anything written here should be subject to your independent verification. You, and you alone, are solely responsible for any business decisions you make. The ideas and strategies should never be used without first assessing your own situation.
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