What's going on with Grant Cardone?

If you've been in the business for awhile, you know who Grant Cardone is. He had a celebrity like status in the industry back when.

He moved away from automotive business sales training several years ago as he built out his more lucrative adventures in real-estate business, Cardone Capital, 10X Growth conference and motivational speaking. I was introduced to his sales training not long after I was in the business, it was solid stuff back in the day. Looks as if things may not be going so well today.

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ChatGPT - This is pretty awesome :)

I've been playing around with this software for a min and it's throwing back some pretty awesome results. Heres one I just did for a Service Email Blast. What can you guys see it being used for in our industry?


I ask it here for tips for a new sales person! This is awesome!

The Future of Local Search: Convenient, Visual // Local Marketing Insider #044

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Google first launched multisearch in April of 2022.

It’s super cool.

An expansion of Google Lens, the feature lets users start a search with an image and then add a text modifier to add more context. For example, here I did a visual search for my headphones and then added “Amazon” to find shopping results.

*You can find Google Lens via the Google App for iOS/Android. It’s not a feature of the Chrome mobile app.


Google introduced a new feature, adding “near me” to multisearch.

It enables people to find local businesses using an image as the starting point.

If nothing else, multisearch near me is incredibly convenient.

Just think of all the times you (or your customers) don’t know what something is called.

Say you’re in the market for a new car and see one you like in a parking lot. You have no idea what the name of the car is, you’re not a car person.

But daymm, is that plastic fender cladding fire (IYKYK).

So you take out your phone, go to Google Lens, search using a photo of the car, and add the “near me” qualifier.

Google will use this input to source local dealerships that have an image of that product on its Google Business Profile or its site, serving up local opportunities for that shopper to find that car, all without knowing the name of the model.

Very cool.

Search is about making the world’s information accessible. Making the same information available via multimedia simply better aligns with how our brains work.

Imagine you just got a new comforter in your bedroom. You and your husband decide a rug in a matching color would be a nice way to finish the room.

How do you find that using search today?

First, you’d probably go to the comforter manufacturer's site and find the color.

“Sandstorm.” Nice.

Then you’d do a search for rug + color + near me and hope for the best. It’s cumbersome.

With multisearch near me you’d simply take a photo of the comforter and add “rug + near me.” That is fantastic. And if I were a betting man, I’d wager this will become heavily used.

As of today Google Lens already answers 8 billion questions a month, and now it's going local.

It’s our job at Widewail to stay on top of these developments so that the LMI readership and Widewail client base are always a step ahead.

This latest round of search product updates tells us that the present and future of search are visual.

Last month I wrote about how TikTok is replacing Google as the search tool for GenZ. I was talking to Matt (Widewail CEO) about this and he isn’t buying the idea that Google is reacting to TikTok with these latest product changes.

I tend to disagree with him on that, but more importantly, I think TikTok has proven that searching for and accessing information via media is very popular, especially among younger demographics.

Search will become a more visual experience over time. I don’t see that changing.

I could simply say you need to add more photos to your GBP.

And that’s not necessarily bad advice.

But here at Widewail, our job is to help you use these changes to reinforce the bigger goal - building trust between your businesses and local communities.

The addition of multisearch near me does not change the core truth that there is no better way to build trust than through the voice of past customers.

Which gets us to customer-led visual search.

Empowering your customers to share their experiences through photo and video will become increasingly valuable as multisearch near me begins to be used daily by the masses.

A fun example of this, which is specifically for restaurants (in the short term), Google is going to use “machine learning to analyze images and reviews from people (like you!) to find what makes a place distinctive.”

This is the example they provide, combining photo and review content, surfacing it front and center with a new UI:


Credit: Google

Widewail’s already hard at work thinking of new ways to help local businesses capture the customer imagery needed to power new search experiences.

Currently, Widewail's Campaigns functionality can be put into action right away, using customized and flexible messaging to encourage customers to share photo content along with their reviews. Also, with Google Business Profile’s 30-second video functionality, Invite Video uses the same SMS request process and automation as Invite to source customer video reviews.

We’re definitely excited about these changes and the outcome is clear: more ways for prospects to find you = more growth.

See you in 2 weeks - Jake, Marketing @Widewail

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Uncle Joe's Makeover Diary 2.0

11 years later, I'm back in my happy place, back in the Lab building DISC stuff!

Stop by for strategy talks, prototypes and updates digging for new ways to sell MORE iron. In the spirit of the original Diary*, PLEASE challenge me and ask questions. It almost always stimulates new thoughts for me :)

*Uncle Joe's Diary 1.0 https://forum.dealerrefresh.com/threads/uncle-joes-make-over-diary.1683/

ActivEngage Not to brag, but...

ActivEngage is proud to be a 2023 AWA Award Winner in Conversational Commerce for our Managed Messaging services!

A huge thank you to Brian Pasch and BPE | Brian Pasch Enterprises for this award. A few words from Brian on the matter:

"Finding a partner with qualified employees that can act on behalf of the dealer — reliably and professionally — is a challenge. That's why the team at ActivEngage has built a reputation for doing just that:

Providing scaled services with the right technology to create that WOW customer experience that dealers expect from their own employees."

To see more about our Conversational Commerce award, and the services we provide that earned it, watch this video!

Managed Messaging Review | AWA Awards 2023

OR go straight to the source to read about our award-winning automotive managed messaging!


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TAKE POLL Which Stellantis Approved Website You Recommend?

Stellantis Approved Website Providers

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Which Stellantis program would you recommend for hosting a CDJR dealerships website?

I'd also like some feedback for each one as well with your dealerships experience with them!

How much does it cost to attract one used car buyer to an auto dealer?

Hello. Trying to understand how American car dealers and their marketing work. Nowhere could I find marketers in the staffing sections of car dealers. How do they work, does anyone have any experience? How much does it cost to attract one used car buyer to a car dealership, maybe even outdated information?
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Anyone Using Dealer Image Pro?

Someone suggested Dealer Image Pro as a better alternative to in-house picture editing. I haven't spent much time getting to know this solution it looks more suited for indoor pictures.

I am very interested in hearing from dealers who have used or currently using Dealer Image Pro. How is your experience, pros and cons?

Credit Unions & Banks - Looking to Add

Hello everyone! I am looking to add a few more credit unions & banks to my store. We have been in business 70+ years so no problem there. I noticed at one of the old stores I worked at they had credit unions offering 135% Front End+++ I just cant remember who. Our best credit union offers 130%+++ at the moment. We are located in Washington State. Any recommendations? Or if anyone has a strategy on how to find these credit unions/banks that would be awesome too.

NADA 2023 - making DealerRefresh connections at the show

After skipping NADA for a few years, I'm heading back this year. Hope to see a few of you. I'll be attending Pasch's award ceremony on Thursday night, am speaking the next morning at an Ansira/Sincro breakfast panel on Loyalty (with Caputo, Pasch, Seth Levin, and others), and then off to wander.
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Ninjas Every Shopper is a Buyer

We’ve all come across the “just looking” tire kicker that hits our lot on a sunny Saturday afternoon or the one calling around every dealership for a deal but won’t disclose their timeframe to buy. They have what feels like a million questions or no questions at all, they want to drive your entire inventory, or they just want to peek into a window or two and not be bothered. Each person is different regarding their purchasing process and prowess and how they warm up to a sales professional. NicoleMarcilinoheadshots-23.jpg
While some customers’ processes are cut and dry, others seemingly have their sales associates jump through six flaming hoops before they decide to purchase. Regardless of the nature of the customer, the sales associate should be working to perfect their craft with each experience they encounter.

Effective sales associates are efficient in each process that they complete. Over the phone (if they take phone ups), they are communicative and lead the customer through the call to an appointment. When working with a customer in the showroom, it’s the same. We work to keep clear and concise communication happening throughout the customer’s time at the dealership, which we anticipate leading to a sale. *always assume the close*

The question is, how does this happen? Through trial and error, we find what works and what doesn’t work in the communication process with our customers. Efficient sales associates are taking note of their interactions with customers, training from management or consultants, and evolving as they grow. They are consistently working on themselves, which in turn creates more opportunities and, of course, that statistically creates more sales.

Occasionally, when a new process is implemented on a sales floor, it can create a stumbling moment for everyone involved. However, great associates will strategize on how to overcome the hurdle and make it work because, as we know, most new processes are set in place to benefit the group, not hinder them. If the new process has multiple steps, superior associates will work on what is easy and then focus on one trouble spot at a time. It’s not about making it perfect right away either. Make the process whole by completing the steps mechanically and then it will become more natural as the “process” develops into a habit.

Just like practicing the piano, if you practice every day, you don’t lose the skill, you develop into a great player. If you do not practice the piano every day, what you learned while playing during your initial training will most likely fade away in the back of your brain with the algebra formulas you never use from high school. Skills used, practiced, and perfected on a regular basis will become habit. Skills that are not practiced or cultivated will never truly be a skill or a benefit to the person they were initially taught to.

So, what does this have to do with shoppers and buyers? If we do not work to utilize our skills with EVERY customer we encounter, whether we think they are buying or not, we will never know. We need to continue to work every opportunity with the intention of completing the process from start to finish with them. Keep working through the process and focusing on the sticking points to provide excellent customer service to each customer that we come across. If we broom the “tire kicker” they very well may go to our competitor based on their initial experience with our dealership. Take advantage of every experience and make the most of it. It will pay off in the long run.

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How much do you spend on attracting one car buyer?

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How much do you spend on attracting one car buyer?

less than $50
over $400

Thanks in advance!

WTH Dealer Socket - We're Done!

Dealer Socket users, are you asking WTH has happened to Socket..... on a daily basis? We've been with Socket since 2012, were a pilot test dealer for Blackbird (kind of a let down once live), attended many Socket User Summits, used every product, are power users, etc etc. Made great friends and connections through Socket. When Ord and team sold Socket I was skeptical. (Major side note: Jonathan Ord and most of the original Socket team are Mormon, for people who don't drink they sure threw awesome parties and events - miss the User Summits).

Things went ok a while, then everyone I got to know & liked from Hunter Swift on left, should have been a sign. Never been the same, support issues, reps kept changing and they abandoned being in store as promised. Usability and technical issues would happen more previous average. And no development worth talking about. Then along came Solera, thought maybe things will get better. The last 6 months things have gotten steadily worse, kinda like how Putin feels probably. Connections have been so slow, and search features sporadically disappear. Problems assigning a vehicle to a customers profile. It will not search inventory half the time! It just spins forever when searching for customers. Reps were changing every 3 months and we've not had one in months The fill-in person has been informative and super nice, but cannot even get me a basic break down of our bill. I requested an itemized invoice, because they started lump sum billing. She said she requested this from accounting - 2 weeks ago. Feels like the US Govt!

She did tell me that I should hold on because they are making a $2 million dollar investment in the 1st quarter to address the issues. That's nice to know!

We're done, the break up email is drafted, and I signed with ELeads this week. I am sure they have issues too but the Socket relationship has felt no love for 6+ months. However all of our variable managers have used ELead and said far better than Socket. We will see. We did a demo with Drive Centric, that's a very cool CRM, really like the video and customer engagement. Yet missing service, and we felt it wasn't the right fit at this time.

I haven't posted, vented, asked any dumb questions, or harassed Alex on here in a long time. But I thought I would see if anyone else is seeing the slow death of Socket. Its sad, Jonathan Ord and his team built a great product, I don't fault them for selling it. Its a shame what has happened to it.

Happy New Year to everyone, including you Alex! Beers on me next time your in town!