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    GM Google TV

    Tood, good to hear. It is probably the route we will take, hard to beat free, thanks for the info.
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    GM Google TV

    Eley, looks like its been close to a year but did you decide on any digital signage for your dealership? We are at the looking phase right now and would like to know any pros/cons of the system you decided on.
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    Julie, Currently we do our pictures in house and its not too much of a burden once everyone knows their role in the game. We have our lot guys park the vehicles in a specific area of the campus and shoot a picture of the window stock sticker, then get 5 or 6 exterior shots and 2 interior shots...
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    DMS search

    We went through this 'fun adventure' a few years back and I can tell you be sure you touch on all aspects of the dealership and have all your departments really involved. We went from the old EDS/ADP-ARG system and decided on ADP DRIVE. The conversion was a pretty bad experience but after time...
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    Which browser do you use most?

    Safari on the Mac for 80/90% of what is needed. The rest is IE8.
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    Windshield Custom Printed Sticker anyone???

    Search around for bumper sticker paper or adhesive vinyl paper. Office Max/Depot should have the sheet fed paper which is easy to use and water repellent for quite a while. You should be able to pick it up for a buck or two a sheet and print directly from a laser or inkjet paper. We have a big...
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    Naked Lime?

    Hola I was wondering if anyone has any experience with using Reynolds & Reynolds Naked Lime solution ( We are a General Motors dealer and currently have our sites through Cobalt but hey we are always looking for something bigger, faster, better, cheaper. Any input would be...
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    Anyone using an Instant Messaging system internally?

    We use Openfire which is an opensource (free) jabber server along with their client software spark. We have it running on an old Windows 2000 server. The server software works awesome, you can use any jabber (XMPP) client. It was pretty easy to setup and does not take much to get it up and...
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    anything better then RPG

    Thanks for the reply guys. Yea we can do reporting in CRM but that is limited to information within CRM, I am talking more system wide for example service / parts reports and such. Hopefully I will get a chance to learn some english here in a little bit, its just very frustrating coming from a...
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    anything better then RPG

    Howdy all, I was just wondering if anyone knows of a better solution to writing reports on the ADP DRIVE system other then using RPG. Coming off our old system (EDS - ARG) which was a dinosaur but it had great report creating software. RPG is a crippled little program which is driving me...
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    30 Days on Arkona

    Jarrett, I was just curious how the DMS has been working for you guys now that you are a little more familiar with the system. We are in the process of coming to a decision on DMS systems and Dealertrack/Arkona is one of the prospects. Thanks.
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    DMS Vendors - Good, Bad, & Ugly?

    Hey guys thanks for the response. I am definitely not looking for any bashing. I am just looking at some honest opinions on the users of the DMS systems, good or bad. As I said we went through the presentations and they all look good in a demo environment, I am looking for less 'everything works...
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    DMS Vendors - Good, Bad, & Ugly?

    Howdy all, first time posting here so first off I would like to thank everyone that contributes. I just recently found the forum and it has already helped a few times. Ok Back on topic we are a GM Dealership that is going through the fun process of selecting a new DMS. We are currently on the...