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  • Hi Alex,

    My company is planning to launch an offer on this X-mas and New Year where we will offer 45-Day Free Lead Generation program to 30 Auto Dealers. I wanted to post this offer on Dealer Refresher. I hope this is not considered as spamming.

    I shall wait to hear back from you and tomorrow I shall post this. I hope I shall not be violating any rules.

    Best regards,

    Sara Ch.
    Alex, I am not spamming you. I have notice the mention of other inventory management tools like vAuto, eCarlist..... I would like to invite you to a one on one webinar with me so so you can get a full understanding of what we do. We provide some things that no one in the industry has. Plus I would like to get a fair judgment on our program. We have the first and only mobile full inventory management tool in the industry.
    Alex.. this site is GREAT!I was in the Auto Bz 14 yrs before a 2 year hiatus after the birth of my son. I've started Int. Depts at several dlrshps.The last 3 years before my "break" I sld leads & mailers to Dlrs. 5 years ago I put together an Int Trng Manaul geared toward starting up Int. Depts. While there's a few things on the tech side that I need to be updated in my manual, it's good to knw by checking out DR,that fundamental Internet Practices are still the same! In 2007 I had a training article published in Auto Dealer Daily. I wld love to get back to my Auto Bz Roots by way of training or helping a Dlrship start or revamp their Int. Dept. However, with the economy and a new son I am extremely nervous of giving up my 9-5 (non Auto Industry related) gig. I know the Auto Bz suffered the last few yrs but it seems to picking up. In your opinion is this the right time to return to my " first love" or should I wait to see how the Indusrty will fare in the next couple of years?
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Had to reset my password it's been so long since the last time I logged in! While Im dusting things off and getting back engaged with industry professionals I might as well share that I have been with DealerBuilt for the last four years and have recently moved in the position of Sales Engineer for the company.