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Alex Snyder
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Jun 25, 2019
May 1, 2006
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Mar 20, 1979 (Age: 40)
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Alex Snyder

President Skroob, Male, 40, from Vermont

Exploring Digital Retailing Nov 13, 2018

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Viewing thread, Jun 25, 2019
    1. Alex Snyder
      Alex Snyder
      No - we haven't used them. I have heard of them though, but only the name rings a bell.
    2. jsherrell
      Hey Alex

      Jon with the Rairdon Automotive Group. I was wondering do any of your stores have any history with They are trying to start up in washington and trying to find some dealers that are using them?
    3. Alex Snyder
      Alex Snyder
      Susan - sorry for the late response. I've been in Costa Rica and am just now seeing your message. My email address is [email protected] if you want to discuss this further. It has to do with tagging, and are a lot of intricacies.
    4. sburges2
      Alex- is supposed to be helping me with the word cloud- said they got permission from you for me to try it on my site. What's the best practices I should be using for it to be successful?
    5. Alex Snyder
      Alex Snyder

      We've gotten it to work on our website and in newsletters. If someone takes something you have and wants to show all their friends, I see nothing wrong with that at all!

      The downside is a dead link, but if your 404 redirects are setup right the downside isn't as bad as it is made out. Google indexes our inventory all the time. They don't seem to knock us when we sell something.

      Hope that helps.
    6. wfyoung

      I was just speaking with Eric Karandy at and your name came up. Go figure.
      He mentioned that you seem to have a good process for getting people to use the Facebook button on a website inventory page. I know that Paul Rushing thinks that this is a "Social Media Fail" but I'm just wondering if you see any value in it or have a "hook" to get people to use it. Is there really any value here? It seems that if they share that vehicle on FB and end up buying it, it would soon be out of our inventory and then be a dead link.


      Bill Young
    7. Alex Snyder
      Alex Snyder
      Thanks Mitchell. It is still a long way from being done (if you can ever really call a site done). Yeah, we bought-in to the notion that people actually pay attention to your homepage with our last site....we definitely got carried away. There is actually a lot more content on this new site - you just have to it like a customer ;)
    8. Mitchell Brenner
      Mitchell Brenner
      Just looked at your new site. I absolutely love it and I don't see too many sites I even like like for example your old site. It was way to busy but this one has a clean fresh, friendly and engaging look! Great job!
    9. Alex Snyder
      Alex Snyder
      Virginia Beach is no slouch for good things John! Great place to be a bachelor.
    10. JohnScott
      I just went through about 8 pages of Checkards blog checking out the profiles of the employees there, think about page 7 I came across the SMART center. That place is sexy.
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