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  • Alex
    I understand, i defenitey want to get your thoughts and opinions on what we are doing, I will make sure it is 100% educational. Talk to you soon.
    Not a problem Shawn - I post things that aren't always aimed at someone directly ;) ....more for others who may step outside the rules at a later date.

    Sure - we can talk sometime in the next 2 or 3 weeks. I need to give eCarList some time first. We've been trying to hook-up for a while. But please take our chat as purely educational - we've got a lot of time and effort in with our current vendors to run out on them right now.
    I was certainly not trying to overstep my bounds talking about the ILM/CRM question that was posed on the site. Really just trying to provide good information to a guy that is not even in the territory I am responsible for. I think you have a fantastic thing going here and i honestly am just trying to add to it. BTW you are in my territory so lets talk!! Really thanks for putting this site up it is a good thing.
    Yeah thanks. Just testing things out. Back to the original now...and off to figure the RSS thing out.
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