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    Looking for some CRM user feedback - which one?

    @john.quinn and I have been looking at pretty much all of these systems A LOT over the past few months for integration purposes. He can speak to some of them more than me, but I am really liking DriveCentric at the moment. Allow me to color what I like in a CRM system: #1 is it simple enough...
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    What Happens When Customers Stop Answering the Phone? One Major Way the iPhone Hurts Your Sales

    Tomorrow. Be sure to like DealerRefresh on Facebook and set it to give you notifications. You'll know when the broadcast starts that way.
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    What Happens When Customers Stop Answering the Phone? One Major Way the iPhone Hurts Your Sales

    And leaving the world's most compelling voicemail that transcribes well when your lead actually has a phone number. "Good news [CUSTOMER FIRST NAME], the car you want is here and I have the numbers ready to go over with you. I'll follow this voicemail up with an email that also has my direct...
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    Deals4Dealers OPEN & FREE to all vendors again. Deals4Dealers is back in business.

    Sweet! Start a thread in this forum: ...don't put your offer inside this thread we are conversing in now (a statement for those who are not as familiar with how forums work as you are Marc).
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    Deals4Dealers OPEN & FREE to all vendors again. Deals4Dealers is back in business.

    It is time to give the Deals4Dealers section a little love as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are winding down. Because we all want the deals to keep going! :woohoo:
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    New to BDC, could use suggestions and tips

    Do you know the source of the leads that are hanging up on you?
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    Where have all the UPS gone?

    Exactly what are Sales Managers managing these days? Ahhhh…. the good ‘ol days… Remember the weekends? The Sales Staff gets there nice and early with enough caffeine in their hands to jump-start a rhino, trailed by a cloud of cigarette smoke. The managers hold a quick Pump-Me-Up session...
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    Got any project cars?

    Talking about cars we're working on is usually fun. I put usually in italics because those projects always have their down days, but the overall idea and end results are mostly fun. I've had a few over the years and just took on another one recently. I like to define project vehicles as ones...
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    I can't take it anymore

    Half the time I can't figure out which end is up on those remotes. Fortunately, we use a Logitech hub at home and the remote that came with that works great with the Apple TV.
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    We had a few receptionists who assisted with inventory management. Sourcing dealer exchange vehicles and entering info from ordered cars. These were franchised stores that sold 200+ new cars a month though. Any business has bookkeeping needs. Smaller businesses typically have "less complex"...
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    Thank you Joe Chura for this new REFUEL forum

    @joe.chura suggested we create a place for positivity and that is a pretty damn good idea. Here it is! An entire forum dedicated to positive and refreshing topics. Bring on the rainbows and unicorns :rofl: Please start a thread any time you wish to share something positive. As this is an...
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    Lead wall on your website

    There was a time when DealerRefresh helped get you going if I recall. I also recall hiring your services at Checkered Flag. And even enjoying a friendship that came out of your time at iMagicLab. The Jerry I see these days is not that guy. So, sure, people change. Maybe DealerRefresh isn't...
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    Events & Workshops Pasch's AAAS in Palm Beach review

    November 17-19th of 2019 at the Breakers Resort in West Palm Beach, Florida. Visit the AAAS webpage for more information. Automotive Analytics & Attribution Summit is a mouthful. If you’re into attribution and analytics you are probably a little on the nerdy side. So it was a great place for...
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    Lead wall on your website

    :thinker: this is completely out of left field unless you're saying it is a "click baity" statement to get people to use your product :ltbulb:
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    Lead wall on your website

    @joe.chura was speaking yesterday at Pasch’s AAAS event, and said they have seen a 90% increase in lead submissions with a 150% increase in sales on those leads when forcing the customer to enter lead info to get a piece of info they crave. Like a price. It is so contrary to how I would shop...