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    Mandates (vaccine) and the Automotive Dealership Industry

    :iagree: Clint. There is too much data, too many voices, and it is all boiling into a huge pot of "untrust." One of my favorite rationalists is Mike Rowe. For anyone who doesn't know who Mike is, he was the host of Dirty Jobs and voices many Discovery Channel shows. His podcast "The way I...
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    Mandates (vaccine) and the Automotive Dealership Industry

    Nurses, firefighters, and police officers could make killer sales people! <off to make hiring ad> Can they learn to code :thinker: …probably should leave that one for the coal miners.
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    Mandates (vaccine) and the Automotive Dealership Industry

    Like you, I don’t have 100 employees to have to worry about a mandate at this time. However, the position of health care coverages is one that could impact us. Things are moving so fast, I’m in the “let’s pause and consider things more“ camp. Three things have happened since Biden made his...
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    ActivEngage Is this thing on??? ActivEngage is what the DR ordered.

    Welcome back ActivEngage! I think you all were the first DealerRefresh sponsor many, many years ago.
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    Mandates (vaccine) and the Automotive Dealership Industry

    The real question: when was the last time anyone saw someone from OSHA? :2quiet:
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    Get your ears on and enjoy some music at work

    :wstupid: as another stupid audiophile junkie. Craig is only talking about headphones. It gets really nuts when you factor physical media (CDs, Records, etc) vs. digital medias (streaming, FLAC, etc.) and each of those have subsets within. Then you take the signal from those and convert to an...
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    Get your ears on and enjoy some music at work

    Been a while since this thread got some attention. Here are some playlists for fun listening. All Amazon Music because Amazon HD is my main streaming source. Playlists that are fun for work: Covers Ear Candy for those who have really good audio setups - if the first song doesn't sound like it...
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    Digital Dealer Las Vegas Oct 2021 Roll Call

    Good call on firing this up again Ryan! FRIKINtech and DealerRefresh were planning to go. We had decent success with the spring event, but I am seeing too many dealers wanting to hold onto their dollars now. I made the call to pull-out under the belief there won't be many dealers attending...
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    FRIKINtech The Used Car Factory is real!

    I'll never forget the first time my green-pea'd self walked into the used car manager's office and said "hey boss, I've got a good one! They want us to get them a sedan with less than 30,000 miles for under $15,000." To which he replied: "does this look like a used car factory?" :lmao...
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    Automating the one thing a salesperson will do

    Was just on a call with @Jeff Kershner and @Jim K talking through some fun stuff. The conversation veered toward work that a salesperson would actually do without a manager slapping them. The one thing we could come up with is filling out the paperwork for a car deal. And this is why dealers...
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    #RefreshFriday Facebook In The House! | Bob Lanham

    Normally representatives from big public companies are extremely reserved and careful. Bob preserved his professionalism around the likes of Jeff and me, while providing some good insights!
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    AutoSigma Introducing AutoSigma - Video Enclosed

    Beautiful first post @MattStrunk (y)(y) AutoSigma is a startup and super eager to get going with the DealerRefresh community. We like startups around here ;-)
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    Put Down The Phone

    John - I think you're taking this a little too far. Bill is simply saying he's getting better results by sending the customer a text first. I have not heard him say they've ditched the phone altogether. Craig and I are just saying we'd prefer to do things in our personal lives without the...
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    Put Down The Phone

    :iagree: text or email