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    Cars for blind drivers ? A Reality ?

    Much ado about nothing. People around here have been driving like they're blind for years. :)
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    Name that FB Inventory App!

    It's Ben Brigham's app from AutoFerret, whom we are a reseller for. Best regards, John Pelley AVA Dealers [email protected]
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    Advice on Craigslist ad posting services

    Joe, Who is your cargigi representative? - if by chance you have not had a chance to be in contact with the rep about whatever issues you're having, I will get your request to the right person to see about resolving it. Best regards, John Pelley AVA Dealers [email protected]
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    Advice on Craigslist ad posting services

    Hello, Just wanted to let everyone know though I haven't read all the posts yet that Homenet has a relationship with Cargigi and at some point since Homenet has been purchased I believe that Cargigi will be helping in some capacity to manage at least some of Homenet's accounts. I don't know the...
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    Facebook business page notifications

    Chris and Jeremy, Give me a holler, including the city and state of your dealership HQ, and I'll see what we can do for you. John Pelley AVA Dealers [email protected]
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    Any one using service ?

    Hello all, my understanding is that Homenet has been bought out, so I believe some sort of arrangement has been worked out between Homenet and Cargigi for Cargigi to help manage those accounts, but I don't know specifics.
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