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    Huge drop off in CarGuru leads in November..

    We as well saw a significant decrease in CG leads for December. Off 30% from October and 20% off from November. Speaking with CG they’d have you believe it has to do with inventory levels and mix. Coincidence others are experiencing similar results or do we all have inventory issues? Btw we...

    BREAKING news! Carvana & Vroom is bleeding cash. Is Ecommerce in auto DOA?

    Regarding Carvana’s recent earnings reports. The increase in gross vehicle profit is impressive and I was skeptical they could achieve this. I haven’t spent time digging deeper into this so could be just curiousity, but if they control the reconditioning internally wouldn’t it be possible to...

    BREAKING news! Carvana & Vroom is bleeding cash. Is Ecommerce in auto DOA?

    I can tell you eCommerce/digital retailing is not dead, in my humble opinion. I think a lot of people are blurring the lines here. Carvana and Vroom represent one side of eCommerce for the automotive industry. They are the "start ups" that are looking to be the next "unicorns" that are taking in...
  4. CARBIZ & Truecar inventory listing practices #Carvana #Vroom

    How does everyone feel about and Truecar advertising online inventories in your backyard? Between Carvana and Vroom there are almost 5,500 cars being advertised within 50 miles of my Baltimore location. In my opinion, this is hurting my business. We are already in an overly saturated...

    Need help calculating sales tax and tag on site...

    All, I am running around in circles seraching for a company that offers a database or API that can allow my customers to do a quick change to the zip code to adjust the taxes and tags calculated on my site's VDP. Here is a snapshot on Vroom's page what I am referencing... I have been in...

    Website tool that shows Retail Book Value on SRP/VDP

    Thanks Jeff. We come by the information by way of scraping the data from the KBB Advisory report. Not the best method but it works.

    DealerTrack VS DDC VS VINSolutions - But Cox still Wins

    I've been loyal to vin solutions for about 5 years now but a few months back I got the bug to explore my options. My first experience was a DDC demo. At first glance I was hooked by its simplicity. I should briefly mention that if I were going to fault Vin for something it would be its...

    Vroom - vehicle equipment package display

    I fully agree that customers don't necessarily care about the factory codes or packages, more they are interested in the specific equipment but i don't see a downside to cleanly displaying the information for the customer (minus factory codes) so they don't have to guess as to what...

    Vroom - vehicle equipment package display

    Can someone point me in the right direction to accomplish what does with their vehicle options display? They somehow manage to display factory adds of vehicles (packages or options) and detail exactly what those packages/options include. Very clean and customer friendly. Click on the...
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    Auto turntables - Do's and Dont's - need advise

    Joe, Your insights on this topic are truly appreciated. After reading through some of the other forums on the subject, I agree- you don't want your photos to look like stock photos. I plan to create a booth similar to that of Mercedes Benz of the Woodlands. Carvana style VDP without missing the...
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    Auto turntables - Do's and Dont's - need advise

    Great question Joe. So at Nada this January I spoke with our current website provider (VinSolutions) about their options for responsive websites. They told me they were going to be upgrading dealers to the those platforms later this year. After the show I took a few of their new templates for a...
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    Sister Technologies EZ360 - Any current/existing users??

    Looking for some thoughts on the vehicle photo software solution from Sister Technologies called EZ360. We are considering using them to accomplish our vehicle photos using a new photo booth and automatic car turntable. They have a solution that automates the photo taking process and uploads...
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    Auto turntables - Do's and Dont's - need advise

    Group, I am about to undertake the whole photobooth project and I need some advise about the automatic turntable. I think I've nailed down the style of booth and concept I am going after.. (stationary camera, automatic turntable, spin on website, 360 degree interior cam, etc...) Now comes the...
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    Setting up a Photo Booth

    I took a look at that Carvana photobooth... intense! Does anyone know the specific equipment they use? Cameras, turntables, green screen, etc??? I would imagine for their site they in house developed the software but if anyone house any info please share.
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    Looking for best methods of F&I/Desking Training

    Nope Jeremy, our providers are a little on the low budget side. I thought about contacting JM&A and seeing if I could send him to their course.
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