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    Dealership Network - Existing Model Going Away?

    A couple of articles here. Yes, they are in Europe. The manufactures are thinking longer term. Could this come to the U.S., and how might it affect us? I have made the statement before -- "If you are a family/generational and/or small dealership or group, might be time to rethink." We have...
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    Flat Rate Pay: Have You Successfully Changed This At Your Dealership?

    Flag / Book / OEM time - all the same names for what a job "should" take. However, isn't the goal for the tech to be efficient? The normal is for techs to be able to flag more time than he/she works. I have seen techs flag 80 hours for a normal 40-50 hour work week. I would recommend that your...
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    VinSolutions 'AMP' product

    Hey -- doesn't COX own a website company? They should call them for help.
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    Boycott the Third Party Sites like it's 2010!

    vAuto and HomeNet have both allowed me to filter inventory.
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    DMV troubles with Carvana

    LOL -- one customer said "NO... give me my title!"
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    Google My Business adds inventory

    We saw similar results. And we also saw a decrease in SRP/VDP traffic from Google organic. You might see the same if you look at your logs. A few comments: 1. Over 95% (stupid made up stat, but it is almost all) of the traffic is from customers looking for your dealership by NAME. 2...
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    Boycott the Third Party Sites like it's 2010!

    Also, to add --Most of the time the pre-photo'ed vehicles are priced higher or not priced at all before recon, as recon dollars are unknown and most dealers dont want to take the risk of sacrificing gross.
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    Boycott the Third Party Sites like it's 2010!

    Not at all - and remember they are still posted on the dealer website, just not sent in the feed to third party sites. And this kinda proves that merchandising is what sells the vehicles -- price and pictures are what makes the customers click. 2-3 crappy photos VS 20 full market photos -...
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    Boycott the Third Party Sites like it's 2010!

    Agreed, but we also need to better manage what inventory and/or how we are sending inventory feeds. Esp since those sites charge based on inventory level. Have you reviewed your packages with your vender lately? Still paying for a 100 new car package and only have 20 in stock? ;) Maximize your...
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    Digital Dealer Las Vegas Oct 2021 Roll Call

    -Will you be there? I am still scheduled to go - have hotel booked, but holding off buying a DD ticket until the last min (getting money back from DD is like crazy hard). Maybe I will just go for some gambling and nice dinners?? -Where can we find you? Call my cell - would love to hook up...
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    Vender Request Meetings - Time Zones

    Agreed -- as long as the "program" sends an actual meeting invite. Another thing that bugs me is when a person copy pastes the meeting info (zoom, teams, etc) into the reply -- without creating an actual meeting invite.
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    BREAKING news! Carvana & Vroom is bleeding cash. Is Ecommerce in auto DOA?

    Follow the money -- and ask yourself.. why?
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    Vender Request Meetings - Time Zones

    Just my opinion, but it seems like customer service 101 ---- It is YOUR job as a vender (trying to sell) or support person, to know which time zone the client/prospect is in. And, work around THEIR schedule and timing, and make it convenient for them. - When a client/prospect in CA says 1pm for...
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    Do Customers Really Want Electric Vehicles?

    Interesting take - kind of a chicken/egg problem.
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    #RefreshFriday Unspoken Truths in the Car Business | Drew Ament

    Great time guys - and more then happy to come back anytime to talk about the topics we missed: Website Venders SEO Edmunds CarMax Who is paying the vender, OEM or Dealer (ie: who does the vender really work for?)