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    OTT - Over the Top (Cut the Cord)

    Talked to a few venders at NADA - big push for OTT (Over the Top). They are selling it has highly targeted, and targeted to the household (assuming by IP...all of them pitch the "proprietary" technology). is even selling it....and it is $$$. HIGH CPM if you do the math. Anyways, the...
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    Edge 5 - Email Marketing Service

    Server farms are where the click (forwarded to your URL) came from and the server/data they are using to track the link internally, maybe dynamically add UTMs, etc etc -- it has no effect on where the user is (ip, geo, etc). Edge5 does not proxy the site (their explanation "might" make sense if...
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    CarGurus - Dealer Website Badge

    Has anyone done any research or looking into on what exactly this badge does?? Is is really just an image on the website SRP/VDP? Or is CarGurus using this for something more?? A few thoughts/questions ... 1. Why would you brand...
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    BREAKING news! Carvana & Vroom is bleeding cash. Is Ecommerce in auto DOA?

    The most in your face and truthful statement. They are a CAR DEALER with clever marketing (used car coin machine). Any other car dealer would be out of business by now if ran the same way as them.
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    CarGurus and selective rule enforcement

    Another note -- all these dealers with "after down payment of XXXX" are in violation of RegZ (Federal) -- as they are missing alot of other information due to the fact that "down payment" is a trigger term for RegZ.
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    CarGurus and selective rule enforcement

    LOL -- with all the good content on here... I sometimes miss a few posts. Yes -- all great points.
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    CarGurus and selective rule enforcement Nice that someone/news picked this up.
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    CHEAP Website Options

    These are all good options, but also take a hard look at NabThat - I have a clients that have moved over to a NabThat site and are very happy. They are "all inclusive" with no nickel/dime'ing. Even have a large market Toyota store that was able to see a very hefty organic increase and higher...
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    BREAKING news! Carvana & Vroom is bleeding cash. Is Ecommerce in auto DOA?

    Carvana: The Cash Incinerator Probably the best breakdown I have seen.
  10. DrewAment & Facebook Product

    When venders all try and prove their product works....and confuse the customer in the process on a Facebook Marketplace chat.
  11. DrewAment launches AI Chat (Conversations Starter Package)

    Hey LOOK! I can build my own chatbot in 10 minutes! LOL
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    BREAKING news! Carvana & Vroom is bleeding cash. Is Ecommerce in auto DOA?

    Using other peoples money to make another of your controlled companies more profitable? Reminds me of the Lincoln Savings & Loan scandal -- of which Garcia was also involved right?
  13. DrewAment launches AI Chat (Conversations Starter Package)

    It looks like the same "chat-bot" -- and yep, not at all what is "sold" to the dealers. I can show more examples if anyone wants a good laugh. The more I dig into it, the more I am horrified that dealers are even using the product.
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    Has Anyone Else Got Their CarGurus Price Gouge Yet?

    Once you have saturated your customer base (dealers) - you are limited on growing revenue. Raise prices, offer more products, and/or acquire companies. Wall Street wont allow the PEs to be sky high forever (I think CARG is like 90+). Sooner or later you have to actually get a solid ROI for the...
  15. DrewAment Requesting Facebook Page Admin Access

    The problem is that I did NOT request them to post inventory on my behalf, why are they requesting access to my page? Do they even check to see if I am already posting inventory FB_Marketplace? And, even after I decline request, they CONTINUE to request access... multiple times... even if I am...
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