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    Local SEO suggestions

    Agree with @reverson - focus on your on-page & local SEO efforts before you move on to off-page elements.
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    Issues with CarWars, any alternatives?

    Interactivetel also has a solution for that as well.
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    Digital Marketing in Automotive Retail

    Just a few quick examples of what I'd recommend regarding the meta data you shared in your post. Happy to share more recommendations for your websites & your Google My Business profiles as well - feel free to shoot me a message with any questions. Chevrolet Car Dealership New & Used Cars -...
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    Dealer Teamwork Here's How Your Dealer Can Use Google My Business to Drive More Website Traffic

    Great post, Joe! I also like the new Products section that's showing up in more GMB profiles too. Add categories (body styles, used cars, service, rentals, etc) Add products & prices Add images & descriptions too
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    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to the DealerRefresh Community!!

    Thanks for all you do for DR, Jeff & Alex! Merry Christmas & a very happy New Year too!
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    Issues with CarWars, any alternatives?

    Check out Interactivetel. Very reliable with smart features such as sentiment analysis and key phrase spotting for easier management & training. (Ask for Jack Behar)
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    Best SEO Company for 2020? And......go!

    John, I'll offer up my simple recipe for SEO success: We all know that building quality content on a consistent basis is needed - however, it often becomes an exercise in futility. Why is the content being created? What is the primary topic, how is it being targeted & optimized? Do the...
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    CarGurus - Dealer Website Badge

    The badge is actually a good idea because it solves a key psychological issue for used car shoppers - letting them know if they are getting a good deal. Plus, it gives 3rd party confirmation vs just the dealer's word. I helped CarGurus build this badge four years ago when we opened our used car...
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    Question on Digital Retailing.. Could displaying payments on your website scare off customers?

    @Jerry Thibeau is absolutely correct. National, regional, & branded offers & incentives are always available. The problem has always been the same: How do you consistently publish those offers to your website and other digital marketing channels. Current situation: Nearly 90% of all vehicle...
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    Brand new to the industry- HELP!

    @EmilyJSpellman - Start slow - you're opening yourself up to get flooded with requests from all the experts, gurus & visionaries Start with Local SEO - the dealership GMB is often not optimized to capture & track local traffic (CTA UTMs, categories, Products & Services link, posts, review...
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    Redesign 2019 is LIVE

    Love the new updates! Nice job!
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    Weird SERP with Google - What's Up With That?

    Thanks - you as well. Try the same search in the ad preview tool, you may see different results. Here's what I'm seeing in ad preview for Rochester NY car dealers.
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    Weird SERP with Google - What's Up With That?

    @[email protected], was the original screenshot from the Google Ad Preview tool, or from a browser?
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    Schema Markup for Vehicle Images

    Casey, Good question. lat/long coordinates may not have as much impact within the markup. If you're looking to get into that much detail, you're probably better off including the City & ST within an image sitemap and excluding the coordinates. (there may be a cap on the number of image tags...
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    Village idiot!

    Jason, Save this type of stuff for your private Facebook group. @Jeff Kershner, @Alex Snyder, and the entire DR community have done a great job of creating a place that helps support great conversation and ideas. Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.