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    So what are you doing today?

    Oh nothing, just sitting on hold with ADP. But wait, clients love webchat. It helps them get back to their jobs! No, no we don't. you staff all the stupid people on service connect so when I have anything above a keyboard or mouse problem it's completely pointless.
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    Marketing Director needed for Porter Auto Group in Newark, DE

    The Porter Auto Group is a family owned and operated business. We have been that way ever since we opened in 1925. We currently have 6 brands under our roof as well as two body shop locations that combine to be the largest body shop in Delaware. Just starting the hiring process now. I haven't...
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    Which CRM are you using?

    Just wanted to say going to VinSolutions was the best decision I ever made. It still gives me warm fuzzies seeing features I request actually get read and implemented. I just wish there was a way to get my managers to ACTUALLY TAKE THE TRAINING COURSES.
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    adp drive express/web suite 1000

    We switched from WebSuite 2007 to ADP Drive. Much slower experience. Drive is more user friendly IMO, but the server is now in Michigan instead of on location at my dealership. Pretty obvious it was going to be slower.
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    Has anyone used iCRM from IzmoCars?

    The software seemed incredibly easy to use when I demoed it, but we eventually went with Vinsolutions for our CRM so I don't have any first hand experience.
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    What camera do you use for pre-owned inventory?

    I'm using the Vincamera by vinsolutions which is a rebranded Ricoh camera that they have a little bit of custom software in. My stock numbers are in the camera so I can associate cars with their stock# as I'm shooting them. Shaved off about 6-8 hours a week off my cameraman and manager's time...
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    eCarlist has a great inventory management tool. I made a side-step to VinSolutions which does almost everything eCarList does and I've submitted feature requests for the rest.. Basically me switching really only made sense for tying into the CRM tool. If it didn't integrate we'd still be with...
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    Tips from improving CRM usage

    Make the CRM easy to use and provide massive benefits for doing so. Kinda obvious, but that's the true answer. Another more detailed answer: Make it easy for the mid-level managers to use and the salesmen under them won't dare bad mouth it. The problem I'm having with <INSERT UNNAMED VENDOR>...
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    Is this true?

    Jeez, IT people can talk in public? What is this??
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    Cobalt Sites

    My experience is similar but not the same. We have two websites. Chevrolet Dealer Newark | Used Car Wilmington | Porter Chevrolet DE and Porter Chevrolet, Newark Chevrolet, Elkton Chevrolet, Delaware Chevrolet, Wilmington Chevrolet The second site (the .net site) is our cobalt site and does a...
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    trafficbuilders marketing agency

    I just got word from my service director that he's going to start using Traffic Builders (Automotive Marketing Agency | Traffic Builders, Inc.) Has anyone used their service or even heard of the company? Because it's name is so generic it's impossible to research the company using google. They...
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    How makes money

    If his signature was: *Posted while on vacation in a distant city at a starbucks free wifi lounge* It would be the perfect post XD
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    CoBalt and ADP equals Ralph getting nice

    Meh, that's the game. I'd do the same ;)
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    Service Appointment Setting

    Depends on how they request contact. Usually phone, sometimes email.
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    Service Appointment Setting

    We're definitely pushing more walk-in service right now. We also do have a web-based form that gets emailed to the appointment coordinator. Walk-in and appointment customers are handled completely separately where the former is for "express" services only like oil changes. Anything larger...