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    Tips from improving CRM usage

    CRM is the definition of insanity. Nearly 9 years later and thousands of CRM complaints and yet they all still work exactly the same.....The question is why hasn't auto caught up to the rest of the Corporate world. Money can't be the only thing holding auto CRM back (or can it).
  2. GrantG Requesting Facebook Page Admin Access

    Drew, I am happy to look into this for you. Can you DM me the details of the stores that have been requested so that I can forward it to the appropriate team?
  3. GrantG Requesting Facebook Page Admin Access

    I can try and chime in here and add some context. In a nutshell, CARS is requesting permission to post your inventory to Facebook Marketplace on behalf of your dealership. From there, a consumer finds the car and can click-to-call or chat. When they chat, Dealer Inspire's AnaBot starts the...
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    My stories from the sales floor #1

    Love this trip down memory lane. Most of us shared these experiences. Curious if you'd also write a blog about your travels with DDC and CRM installs. I think those stories would be epic!
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    Well The Old car Biz is Alive and Well

    Ralph! Let's connect again soon, it's been far too long. Many years ago you were happy to turn a prospecting phone call you made to my dealership into a quasi training session. I will forever remember our chats and the contacts you introduced me to. My desire to learn the digital side of...
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    Who is innovating?

    In reading all of these posts I ask myself what I would want to focus on if I were still working in a dealership. The car business is light years behind other retail industries. Taking a page from Apple could be a start. How easy is it to buy an iPhone, iPad or Macbook? How easy is it to...
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    Ready Set Car - Consumer access to wholesale?

    Here's two things left unaccounted for... 1) Customer cannot get financing or some other financial issue with the deal- Who is left holding the bag? 2) Vehicle condition is not as described in pre-sale reports.
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    Back in the car biz.

    Ahhh yes, the first Holdiay Sales Event at home. Yes, I too woke up with a sudden urge to desk a deal and complain about inventory mysteriously beached in customer parking. I've yet to understand why there is so much traffic on the road during Saturday's! I will say this, third month out and...
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    Back in the car biz.

    I managed to make it out of Retail after 13 years but didn't move far. Hello Vendor World, my how nice it is to have weekends off!
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    Passive Aggressive car dealer email made me laugh today.

    I'm curious how many dealerships still live on templates like this to engage customers? At my store this would have never gone out as we didn't believe shaming customers into contacting us would net a positive result.
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    Passive Aggressive car dealer email made me laugh today.

    I might as well throw my 0.02 into the ring. In reading this thread I've quickly noticed that nobody has mentioned shopper behavior. As someone who spent 14 years in retail and now works on the vendor side I think I see things a bit differently now. There are three themes that can be taken from...
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    Online dealer service department marketing and dealing with inconsistencies

    The one thing most Dealerships are fighting is the perceived notion that Service Department pricing is vastly more expensive than the third party repair shops. True be told, oil changes at Jiffy Lube are $30+ and they try to up sell everything under the sun. Getting a common, concise message...
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    Dealer Think Tank - Chicago (May 15)

    Other than Jeff, Joe, Jerry and Eric who is planning to attend Dealer Think Tank in Chicago?
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    The Only BDC Consultant You Will Need! Outsource Your Work, Save Money!

    Truth be told, I hope he is as good as he says. If so, I am sure he will add quite a bit to the DR forums.