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  • Jerry, it's past time for me to ask if we can do business. I'm on a very tight budget, but things have changed and need to change, can we talk this coming week to see what you can do for us? My cell is 208.661.3129 will you please call me?
    Thanks, look forward to talking with you
    Hi Gerry -- thanks for the message -- sorry for the delay in response, but MotorWorld asked me to keep things under wraps until today. I resigned from MotorWorld 10-25-11. My last day here is November 30th.
    Hi Jerry,
    It was nice to meet you too! Thanks for all the kind words and inspiration given to me at the conference. Keep in touch!
    The best day to get me would be anytime Thursday or Friday. I am training the folks at Checkered Flag between now and then.
    Hi Jerry, Thanks for your number, it's late Saturday, the 16th and just saw your reply. I'm still trying to get the hang of this site?? I'll try calling you next week to get your thought's on CRM's.
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Without getting into the weeds, what do you think a good lead to sale closing ratio should be for a large dealer group that only sells used vehicles?
Hello sir, My name is Md Mahbubur Rahman CEO and Founder of Car Photo Editing Ltd...
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Hey Jim, I saw your post about CarGurus raising your subscription fee 62%. I'm an analyst/writer for a niche news service that covers automotive classifieds companies, so this is interesting to me. Would you be willing to discuss it with me? Have you heard of any other dealers who are faced with this?
Howard! Glad you could make it to DealerRefresh. I look forward to seeing your wisdom splashed on these conversations.
Howard Goldman
Howard Goldman
Will see how much I've actually accumulated! or is it Sophomoric delusion?? ... As you know, learning every day, the key to wisdom.
Chris Younggren
Chris Younggren
In this video you’ll learn:

-The most emotional point in sales process,
-How you could be killing the sale by giving too much product knowledge
-And what you can do to get 50% of your guests to buy on the spot!