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    Breaking Up with a Vendor...

    @Chris Leslie does has some damn fine posts and comments on here. That dude has helped us all. And, his baby boy is super adorable....(happy birthday to him, btw) @SSLaine This is a forum thread that followed up a post based on a real life scenario in @Jeff Kershner day - that is the beauty of...
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    Breaking Up with a Vendor...

    @Carqueen We work in an industry filled with compliments, comments and cocky folks. Find the fun in each day and make shit happen regardless of the noise around you. @Jeff Kershner breaking up is hard to do, isn't it? Maybe that vendor was pointing out what you wanted to hear, maybe you really...
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    Will you buy a .car .cars or .auto extension?

    Will you buy one if Apple does/did.... Article with more info Sounds like it's for their integration with cars....
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    This needs updating....hmmmmm

    This needs updating....hmmmmm
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    GM Reputation Management "Required"

    Who are all the players this year? For those who don't know or need a bit more insight?
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    Service Marketing - What defines VALUE?

    @Pero Krpan Texting your service appts or to keep them coming in for more?
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    What ways could dealers be more transparent, IDEAS anyone?

    Join @Brice Englert on his webinar about transparency in the sales process! December 10th at NOON EST.
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    Webinar: Winning the Sale with Transparency

    @Brice Englert and this very community lead a very lively discussion about transparency in the sales process. Now, join Brice on this DealerON webinar about this very topic! December 10th at 12 EST Register Now! Date: Thursday, December 10, 2015 Time: 12 PM EST/9 AM PST Why Register if You...
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    Will you buy a .car .cars or .auto extension?

    We were just talking about this @emiltsch and a few others. I understand possibly for branding purposes but other than that I think it won't take off. Plus, I hear they'll be very expensive.
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    Why Did Ford Drop Friends & Neighbors Promo?

    Ford pulled their Friends and Neighbors promotion - is it because the market is just so used to seeing incentives and discounts? "Starting Tuesday, Ford is moving to a new Holiday Sales Event," wrote Elizabeth Weigandt, a Ford spokeswoman, in response to a query. "Dealers offered insights on...
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    OEM Mandated Sites now for Infiniti

    Ugh..... Anyone else hearing this? @Jeff Kershner @kevinfrye
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    Must Reads!

    I love that. @JoePistell The background of my phone is and has been for months: "Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have." - Eckhart Tolle
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    Must Reads!

    Not a book - but, 100 Best Quotes from 100 Brilliant Thinkers is a good read. "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." - Peter Drucker
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    Service Marketing - What defines VALUE?

    @Jeff Kershner recently added this category and I can't believe we've made it this long without it. Sure, we've had some great discussions around driving service specific marketing efforts. BUT, let's get this category started by jumping into the basics. What are you doing at your dealership...
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    TrueCar names AutoTrader veteran Chip Perry as CEO

    I found this article interesting...talks a bit about stocks, etc. Is AutoNation's Breakup with TrueCar the start of a trend?