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    The RETURN of the most basic vehicle?

    It's called a Jeep Wrangler. Might have 4-wheel discs... not sure... 1st time my son gets in, he looks at the window cranks and says, "What's this?" And this gem.... you put the key in the door to lock & unlock it... (bizarre!!)
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    TrueCar, just me?

    You and Kershner have something in common!!!
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    TrueCar, just me?

    Nope. Just you. Poor management skills. :poke: (Hi Bill!!!)
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    Old School Outdated Verbiage NOT to use in 2020

    I actually heard this on the phone (verbatim) a couple of weeks ago: "Well, we want to be sure you actually like the truck before we negotiate numbers."
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    Your presence is your leverage

    This is IT, in my book. Reality #1: EVERYONE buys cars. Dickheads included. And dickheads are the ones we talk about because they get under our skin... (BTW... "dickhead" is my wife's pet name for me... I use it here lovingly :)) Sooo... the trick is to engage with more of the "Regular"...
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    Has anyone looked into marketing platforms for automotive?

    Yeah... but I hear they have questionable leadership... :cool: :poke:
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    Your presence is your leverage

    Happened to me recently... ended-up telling them to just "give me a good reason to come in tonight and I will -- I have to pick-up my son right around the corner anyway." They didn't. Said they wanted to make sure I liked the truck before we spoke numbers. The next afternoon found me stroking...
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    Let’s discuss Automotive “Experts” embarrassing misogynistic ad

    Hmmm... just reading this post when my wife and 14-year old son walked into my office. Amazingly, they both said the same exact thing: "Hey, what's that??" I did, however, detect a difference in their tone of voice... Hmmmmm (Blame it on Christine, Sweetie... I swear... ;))
  9. john.quinn How Automotive Can Get More Personal with Machine Learning

    All this to say to customers, "These are the cars you should look at??" COOOOMMMMEEEE OOONNNNNNNNN THAT's the problem that needs to be solved? Customers don't know what cars to buy? Somebody needs to get out from underneath the layers of code and take a swim in Lake Pragmatic.
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    Tik Tok, what's your plan?

    Just answer the questions, Tikhead!
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    Tik Tok, what's your plan?

    Just had to ask the wife... had never heard of Tik Tok. Never heard of Vine either... and I'm semi-embarrased to ask -- what is the aforementioned "IG" at which people should not have scoffed? :unclejoe:
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    Where have all the UPS gone?

    Wow... Blast from the Past! OBVIOUSLY this is the post that started the revolution in the monumental shift in how we approach customers and the sales process! NOT!! haha. Man, methinks it's gotten worse... Really baffling to me how the industry -- for the most part -- tries to shove...
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    Question on Digital Retailing.. Could displaying payments on your website scare off customers?

    Hmmm... is it better to Scare the customers, or Piss them Off? If the $450 scares them away, then what happens when they think the payment is $299 and it is actually $450 after tax and tags (and without to small-print down payment?). I think the real question is: is "REAL" scary? It IS...
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    What's your favorite GAP product to sell?

    Absolutely nothing wrong with a nice pair of denim shorts.