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    Put Down The Phone

    I am convinced this is the way. Personal anecdotes are always less important but I haven't answered my phone in 6-9 months. I would rather respond to a LinkedIn DM (and that is pretty bad).
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    Put Down The Phone

    Just checked right now. Highest appt set rate of the year - 3x number of appts this month vs same day last month. :cool:
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    Who Has Access to Your Data

    We do for good reason!
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    Driven Data: Live Stats

    I shared this last week on Refresh Friday that we would be publishing our Live Stats, which is an aggregation of the dealerships on our platform that updates daily. The entire business has changed and as our data reflects, what you thought was good is 2019 is irrelevant in 2021+ We started a...
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    The Definition of Irony

    Add them to your crm as a lead and send them sequences! Fight fire with fire :devil:
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    PR & News Driven Data's $4.5 Million in Series Seed B Fundraising - Congratulations!

    Thank you sir, watching your store ride the wave of this craziness and see your stats grow has been awesome. As an operator you are gifted so the partnership is also reflecting how your team responds month in month out to each challenge. Super cool to watch and play a role in supporting you...
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    How Many Service RO'S per day?

    Here is an index across all of our stores. We have been analyzing the service trends as the ripple effect of the new car supply shortage has created a wave of service demand. The issue is capacity, specifically technicians, this accounts for 10% capacity reduction alone. The demand will continue...
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    PR & News Driven Data's $4.5 Million in Series Seed B Fundraising - Congratulations!

    Thanks for posting Jeff, the first place I truly got hooked on auto tech was here on DealerRefresh. So many people on here have helped me out on this journey. Super excited for the next phase!
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    16% is the NEW 10% - ILM Closing ratio

    Here is more information on this. Thanks to Aaron Nicely our dir. of product for putting this together so quickly!
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    Big Ideas and recommendations for AutoGrounds

    Thats crazy Joe, Curtis and I chatted last week and I said the same exact thing. Curtis, Joe is a fantastic subject matter expert in this. Maybe we change the thread title and get the community on here to help support Curtis with some recommendations. Having big ideas and the balls to put...