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    What's new about Google vehicle ads?

    We are not set up with Google Vehicle Ads yet - working on it though. According to Google's requirements for this, it does say that aggregators are not permitted. When I've tested it out, it appears CarFax, TrueCar, Autotrader, etc (all major aggregators) are all advertising vehicles using the...
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    A good reliable source for Market Data is what / where???

    The interactive version is great - you can view the data any way you want for any area you want.
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    A good reliable source for Market Data is what / where???

    Dominion Cross Sell Interactive.
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    Open Recall vehicle reports and OPTIONS

    I think you need CarFax in order for Homenet / vAuto to populate. Unless they've changed something recently.
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    I've DuckDuckGone'd to Brave Browser

    Should we start a list of stuff labeled "misinformation" that later just became "information" lol
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    What are the Top 3 questions shoppers ask when they arrive at your car dealership?

    I talked with XX salesperson and I'm here to see XX stock number/vehicle. I saw XX stock number/vehicle online and would like to see it. I'm here to see XX salesperson. I'm picking up XX stock number/vehicle. Been that way for a while now, at least for us.
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    Mandates (vaccine) and the Automotive Dealership Industry

    Sorry man, the way I phrased it wasn’t the best. It wasn’t directed at you. Just meant a general “you” meaning the dealer population.
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    Mandates (vaccine) and the Automotive Dealership Industry

    You are naive if you think this mandate ends with companies that only employ over 100 people. (2 weeks to flatten, eh?). If it somehow remains upheld, soon it will drop to 50 employees, then 25 employees, then 10, and so on. I can't find it, but I remember reading where 1 state passed a law...
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    Boycott the Third Party Sites like it's 2010!

    good ideas! If you have 2-3 photos before front line, and you excluded those, you didn't find that slowed your rate?
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    QR Codes for Inventory

    I think I'm going to do this with our lot inventory as well. I'm curious to see how many people are viewing these cars using the QR code. Makes for a great audience to retarget on social media!
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    QR Codes for Inventory

    You can do it with HomeNet as long as you have the original website URL in there - we use DDC now, but I did use to have a CDK site where I had their URL pulling in. From there I just used data conversions to append the URL field using the UTM tags you need. Message me, happy to assist however I...
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    QR Codes for Inventory

    If you have HomeNet or vAuto, they can do that for you through their window stickers solution. Shouldn't cost you any extra.
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    Google My Business adds inventory

    bump - anyway to do this with HomeNet / vauto / or our own inventory feed?