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    Coronavirus Dealer Relief - TrueCar just cut our rates by half for April. Who's next?

    Hahaha. I'll take this back now. Thank you to both Trader and vAuto for the reduction in billing.
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    DealerAuthority Jeff & Alex's ongoing case study of Facebook Management

    I use the Page Manager App (Apple) and Business Manager on Desktop too. I like them both. Now I'm curious to go read some reviews!
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    Snap Chat Advertising Ad Platform Tour Guide

    The impressions are high for the spend, the bounce rate is ridiculously high. Definitely more of a branding or top of mind avenue of advertising than engagement or site traffic.
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    CRM. More bad than good?

    I've never heard that OEM wants access to CRM data.
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    Spotify Ad Studio - Simple Self-Serve Ad Platform

    Got script and Spotify approved for coop, the the ad manager is rough.
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    Dynamic SEM ads for Used Cars - Is there a way to improve efficiency?

    What about just limiting your inventory feed to Google Ads to 7+ day old inventory (or whatever # days)?
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    Must Haves for PPC Accounts

    You can create ad campaigns that are not co-opable; so much freedom!! But, I'm still a little salty I can't co-op Snapchat ads that include all the mandatory creative.
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    New Google My Business Feature

    Just noticed that you can use video for your GMB Posts! Under 100MB. The "services" tab...I'll try posting our Service Menu and see what happens.
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    Email Blast Bastards

    That's awesome, do you use a service (with your CRM? or) does your website provider do the landing pages/registration for you?
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    Does Your CRM Have the Right to Hijack Your Data?

    In Canada with CASL in place I am grateful for the CRM automatically preventing staff from emailing our guests outside of our allowed communication period (6 months after an inquiry for prospects, 2 years after a business transaction). I've heard the fines are hefty if we don't follow the rules...
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    What would you do?????

    Nope, it's solely his iPad. Pretty much only used for YouTube. I guess the next one I'll make an effort to reach out to the dealership. I know I'd appreciate the heads up.
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    What would you do?????

    My son watches videos of people playing (car) video games, I've noticed that he gets a lot of dealership ads in the preroll/mid-play. I usually ask where they are... usually in the states somewhere (not even close by like Portland/Seattle, locations in New York and Texas). We are on the West...
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    Adding videos to ADP CRM Autoresponse

    We have added a jpg to our emails that look like a video, when clicked on take you to our webpage with youtube video embedded on our auto thank you emails from our service advisors.
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    We were on Unhaggle, they were tough leads to respond to...sometimes they had no idea they had submitted a quote request. The super tricky part was Unhaggle would give them a price with none of the selected options added, causing serious confusion/anger. The sales rep we had was amazing to work...