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    Uncle Joe's Make Over Diary

    Thanks for the info Joe!
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    Anyone using Higher Gear? I can't find any recent reviews.

    I think someone brought this up yesterday... We were talking about the CRM, and Higher Gear was perhaps the worst CRM they've used in the past. Might switch to Autobase, on ADP now.. But no idea, haven't used it myself.
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    Guess who kcar is! - POLL

    God needed a personal trainer. .......... Today's Mantra: Were all gunna make it brah.
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    CRM Systems and Email Marketing - Why Such a Challenge?

    +1 for Joe who understands this and has experience.. It's pretty annoying to move the unsubscribes/bounces back into the CRM to update it, but worth it in my eyes... Also Mailchimp is pretty strict, what I've found to work best is for any dealer wanting to try out e-mail marketing... Go with...
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    CRM Systems and Email Marketing - Why Such a Challenge?

    You know I actually typed out a reply earlier to Alex, but someone came into my office so I just closed out of it. But seriously this.. ......... And now... This is seriously the worst advice ever, this is even embarrassing for Not even surprised... Please STOP giving out...
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    Guess who kcar is! - POLL

    Ps. On another serious note.. As Jeff Kershner's Certified Personal Assistant, I will be changing our name to
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    Guess who kcar is! - POLL

    I <3 this thread. That feel... When you're easily one of the top ten best people at online marketing in the dealership industry, but don't need to be on the cover of a dealer magazine to prove it. No one has to love me, I'm sure 100% of my posts go against popular opinion, but regardless, you...
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    Carfax being sued by 120 Dealers

    Number of Dealers on DealerRefresh that care about these sorts of things: 2*
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    Twitter is a waste of time, right?

    LOL... At ONE car being sold from Twitter... In reality.. "BOSS! It only took us 3,825 Tweets, and 10 Months of Work when we could have been doing other things, BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER WE SOLD ONE!! Let's keep doing this, I'm sure the ROI will magically appear in the future! This is a VERY...
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    Best 3rd Party Photo Host??

    Just get a web host for like $20/month... Or do
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    Who is going to DD14 in Orlando

    Auto Con 2013. Las Vegas (No explanation needed) ✓ Aria (5 diamond hotel, need I say more) ✓ Carrie Hemphill (Creator of the universe's most amazing conventions) ✓ Jerry Thibeau (Is going, and perhaps may show you how a God beats the casino) ✓ Ben Freedman (Speaking, in fact the entire group of...
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    Who is going to DD14 in Orlando

    Go to Autocon 2013 in Vegas, I'm going to try to be there this year... Last year was AWESOME. Not to mention the Aria hotel and conference center is fantastic! If I had to pick one event out of them all of, it'd be Autocon for sure..
  13. K Followup Emails With Other Dealers Inventory

    Wait a second... is pushing Dealer's Inventory to TrueCar? Without their permission? What the heck?! (warranted) Just found my inventory is on their site as well, the lead went to us ( customer), but why does True Car have my inventory data in the first place? ... I never...
  14. K Followup Emails With Other Dealers Inventory

    <legend style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-size: 12px; background-color: rgb(236, 236, 236); -webkit-box-shadow: none !important;"> Attachments Pending Approval</legend> Can't see! :( Upload them to (Where are you Jeff)