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    Dealer Paid OEM Email Marketing

    I spent several years with an email & Direct mail company and worked on several OEM programs during this time none of the OEM's mandated this but I have seen mandates that require the link to direct to the dealers OEM program website and not a 3rd party site.
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    Digital Advertisers Pricing

    You are correct with your averages. My comment was more a warning that some providers standard fees can be double the average. There is one large provided (Not DDC) that runs at 39% that I know of personally. As Craigh mentioned he has seen rates even higher.
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    Digital Advertisers Pricing

    It's also important to note that some vendors charge as much as 39% for the management fee. *Full disclosure I work for DDC.
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    There are many companies out there that will append your data. Most companies that offer email services can do this including GM's CSSR program run by Aspen, additionally most CRM and DMS companies can do this as well.
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    What is the worst thing to happen....?

    Had our key machine go on the fritz on month end, it would open but would not give you the correct key location. Chaos ensued. And I'm sure we've all found ourselves hand writing contacts at month end as well because a DMS went down.
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    Which vendors are the best to work for?

    Joe - I'm happy to give you some feedback on several of the vendors as I made this move to the dark side about 15 yrs ago. Feel free to send me a private message.
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    major decrease in email leads

    Have you recently added a live chat feature?
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    Yelp and CDK Mayhem

    hey @Dave Erickson PM your info and I'll get someone to look into it asap.
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    Service / Parts / Body Shop SEM

    Robert- Cobalt does offer Fixed Ops digital package that can be flexed up and down via your DCC login. Any of your Cobalt support team can walk you through the package and will be happy to share references that have seen very positive results.