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    DMS Options

    You should also look at Automate. They have been around for a long time and have a very robust system.
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    Just launched Vin Solutions CRM/ILM-My opinion

    I started a new company called Stackify. We are creating software for software developers. So yes I have left automotive.
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    Do you pay for an ILM & CRM tool?

    It is the name of the certification/lead distribution system, not the name of a specific CRM or ILM tool. I know this for sure.
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    Do you pay for an ILM & CRM tool?

    Dealers should only have a CRM in this day and age. If they have an ILM and CRM, then they must have the wrong CRM that lacks good internet capabilities. I'm not trying to promote our product here, but wanted to provide my knowledge on the topic here about OEMs. VinSolutions can receive...
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    Autotrader - Good, but $800-900/sale good????'s sourcing studies provide some very interesting information. They have done a ton of them all over the country. Check out this article that talks about how car shoppers are influenced in their car buying process and how performs against other providers. Articles...
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    Pricing Vehicles - What way do you do it? $20,000 - $19,995 - $19,999, $19,938, $19,988 ?

    Some dealers also use the price to know the age of the vehicle, if it has been marked down, it is a special etc. The last digit being a 6 vs 7 vs 8 vs 9 could be a code for something.
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    Google to block referrer data for logged in users

    But that probably includes anyone who uses gmail, Google +, etc. Anyone who has an Android phone has a google account and is probably logged in most of the time.
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    Google to block referrer data for logged in users

    Wow this is crazy. Almost sounds like an April Fools joke. This will effect a lot of things and hurt behavioral type marketing. Forget trying to dynamically optimize your site content for what people were searching for.
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    A New Spin on the AutoTrader Buy-a-Thon

    Check out this cool way to look at flights as well Hipmunk: Better Flight and Hotel Search
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    A New Spin on the AutoTrader Buy-a-Thon

    Joe your arguments about blasting the TV driving traffic and Orbitz, Priceline, Expedia all seem to support why is so successful. People don't go to because they do google searches, they go to it directly because of it's marketing and brand.
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    Print Screen - What a handy tool to use!

    I think the snipping tool is in Vista too for those who have Windows Vista
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    Google Releasing "Live" Analytics

    Is that included in the free version or just the new premium version?
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    Email multiple accounts tip.

    I would recommended forwarding all the other email accounts to your CRM email account or one of the email accounts.
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    I love what I do, but it is so f-ing stressful.

    If you were going to do it this way, using CarGurus, Oodle, Vast, or would actually be a lot easier than craigslist. I think AutoTrader and some others even provide some basic market comparison in their back end tools. Seems like Oodle and Vast do on their sites. But...
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