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    It’s 7:13 pm PST. My phone rang six times today with spam calls

    This has happened to you, right? Articles and headlines like this and this tell similar stories -- spam calls keep increasing. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) says these unwanted calls represent their top consumer complaint and highest priority. Good news - you’re not alone. Various...
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    Issues with CarWars, any alternatives?

    @Jason Hartwell - Thanks for the chat on the phone earlier. As we discussed, I hear you loud and clear. Call quality is critical and we blew it. We take stability seriously and let you down. I am sorry for that. The entire team here is laser focused on regaining your trust and confidence. Step...
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    Call Tracking Numbers

    This is a fun conversation Full disclosure - My company is Call Box and our product is Car Wars. We help dealers on the phone. We do cool stuff. Other vendors do too. I just want to share some thoughts on how far we have come. I’ll cover three areas - Call Categorization, Telephony...
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    I just SOLD a car - USING TEXT ONLY

    That's interesting and helpful. You're on to something with making the customer feel comfortable in the conversation. If that train is moving forward, you're working well together, and puzzle pieces are fitting, just make it your mission to keep doing that! Should the text work to schedule an...
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    I just SOLD a car - USING TEXT ONLY

    @Jeff Kershner - I'm curious....did you use language and techniques that resemble a traditional phone call? Did you actively work toward getting her in the store? Were you consciousness of treating the shopper as a text lead vs phone or walk in? We're at an interesting point where texting...
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    Passive Aggressive car dealer email made me laugh today.

    Maybe slight frustration, maybe a shameless sales tactic. It does feel like it could have been worded a little better but I don't think there is much wrong with it. It's not much different in the vendor world. The goal is to continue the conversation. Check out Hubspot's 6 Breakup...
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    NADA ROLL CALL! Who's going to San Fran?

    I'll be there! And adding one more recommendation if you have a few hours to kill: Catch an Uber or ferry to Sausalito. It's a cool little city just north of San Francisco, not far at all. Good food, local art galleries, and fog permitting, amazing views of San Francisco from across the...
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    Will you increase mobile ad spend? Have you already?

    As someone not technically in the business of mobile advertising at the dealership, I'm curious as to what is causing the slow move toward grasping the power of mobile? Is it the same hesitation businesses had with adopting a (gasp) website?
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    2 Industry Trainers - 2 Opposing Views - Which do you agree with?

    Love this point Jeff. I just finished Jill Konrath's SNAP Selling and your points above are spot on with it. SNAP is largely B2B focused but the principles are easily transferable to B2C. Simple, iNvaluable, Aligned, Priority. The modern prospect and shopper is frazzled and busy. It's not...
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    Trackable phone number vendors

    I was going to stay silent in here as to not be an annoying salesman but figured I would at least chime in with some thank you's. Seeing positive feedback in a place like DealerRefresh makes this job fun. Now on to the annoying salesperson part, BillH feel free to call me anytime if you would...
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    The Road to the Sale is DEAD

    Sean, I appreciate your passion on this. I would tend to agree with you. The game may have changed a little bit but that doesn't mean the rules are completely different. Your line above hits that on the head. A side question for the dealers out there, how much do you think this varies by...
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    The Grudge Match is ON! Van Tuyl Midway Nissan vs Larry H Miller Toyota Peoria

    Alright folks, a final wrap up about the Car Wars Grudge Match. In short, Holy $&!^!!! We thought Troy Matthews and Jay Carley would blow it up but never expected the output and performance from these two stores on the phone. It was frighteningly incredible. Congratulations to the folks...
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    The Grudge Match is ON! Van Tuyl Midway Nissan vs Larry H Miller Toyota Peoria

    "He's got a bunch of people working for him that used to work for me, and the reason they don't work for me anymore is because they don't like making phone calls." - Troy Matthews, GM Midway Nissan on Jay Carley's team at LHM Toyota Peoria
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    The Grudge Match is ON! Van Tuyl Midway Nissan vs Larry H Miller Toyota Peoria

    Losing sucks, especially at the hands of your former employer and cross-town rival. The condolence flowers didn't help either. Jay Carley is determined to not let that happen again. In early April, Mr. Carley's store Larry H Miller Toyota Peoria took on the beasts of Van Tuyl Midway Nissan in...