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    Ask Tom Kline a scary question about a dealership or vendor practice

    You mentioned some really common website issues last week. Would you share those again here? Things like disclaimer placement on SRPs, stolen/recovered/repaired disclosures, etc. (Yes, someone paid attention in class!) I also liked the tip about having customers sign the Carfax as an...
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    Kijiji (Canada) "Valued Customer" Notification

    $199 per qualified lead. $399 if the prospect indicates they want finance products.
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    Kijiji (Canada) "Valued Customer" Notification

    Picture this: One of your 3rd party classifieds vendors (if applicable) sends an email informing you that you are AUTOMATICALLY OPTED IN for their new "Digital Retailing Solution" and they've amended their Ts & Cs (not your contract) so you automatically accept the charge of $199 per "qualified...
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    Thank you Joe Chura for this new REFUEL forum

    I went last year and it was nothing short of spectacular. Lineup was impressive, venue was beautiful, discussions were positive. Just made you feel good about yourself and your place. Highly recommend.
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    Lead wall on your website

    @Alex Snyder , thank you for sharing your thoughts at this conference. Your counter-points were awesome and thought provoking. I couldn't agree more that we want to give guests ALL the info they want without friction. However, we have to make the best of the hand we're given. Much of what...
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    NADA 2019 - who's going?

    I’m going again and have a pretty simple strategy. Friday is about seeing the new stuff from my current vendors. Why they can’t show me pre-NADA I’ll never understand. Saturday is about looking at a couple of competing products (they have new stuff too) along with vendors that fit 2-3 needs...
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    Guide for UTM-tagging URLs

    Opinions are what forums are for man. Thanks.
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    Guide for UTM-tagging URLs

    Ok, so I understand your philosophical issues with using this document. That opinion is clear and recognized here. For the sake of clarity, let’s even stipulate that your opinion is the only valid one in this conversation. Help me understand why I can’t/shouldn’t use this doc. Is it only because...
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    Guide for UTM-tagging URLs

    The problem for me has come when vendors get a little creative with all of the tag fields available. They don't seem to understand that this reporting isn't for them, it's for the site owner (me.) When they do things that kick their traffic into buckets we're not watching, it's bad for them...
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    Guide for UTM-tagging URLs

    Your clear opinion of the source of my reference is duly noted. I put those words in quotations to make it clear those weren't my words, but someone else's. I'm not saying it is THE standard. But since you posed the question, I'll answer: According to me, it's my standard. At least right now...
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    Guide for UTM-tagging URLs

    Not sure you can put an advance apology in a disclosure at the end :) Still, cool stuff. Thanks for sharing. Have you looked at the "automotive standard" UTM tracking guide that PCG put out? What problems does Terminus (or other similar products) solve that that guide doesn't?
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    Boardman, OR Direct traffic.....From Amazon???

    It's bot/spam traffic from the big Amazon server farm out there in the middle of nowhere. (Only about 3,000 human residents.) I suggest filtering for this traffic in your primary GA view. You can always create another unfiltered view to spot check from time to time. Also make sure you've got...
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    Guide for UTM-tagging URLs

    Great tips! I also highly recommend you use Campaign URLs/UTM tags for the links in your CRM's automated emails. Many CRMs tell you if someone opened an email but not much more. With tags in those emails, you now have wonderful insight into which of your templates are sending engaged traffic...
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    One Price Dealers: how do you set prices?

    Wilsonville, Oregon checking in! Our Toyota store has been 1-price (and 1-person) since opening in 2007. Our success led to other dealers in market going to 1-price (with and without 1-person) so there are a few in the area now. We launched a new 1-price/1-person Subaru store in Wilsonville in...