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    VinSolutions 'AMP' product

    Y’all are being too harsh. I’ve had *several* cox employees tell me how incredible AMP is. Several.
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    Cox Auto's DR package Esntial Commerce?

    Someone needs to explain to me why vendors are pushing soft pulls so early in the process. Could be I'm clueless; it happens; but I just picture people nope-ing out of there all day long.
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    Website Vendors

    DI I know well, but 321 Ignition is interesting. What’s so special about them that they make your cut?
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    Website Vendors

    Alright folks; let's bring this thread back from the dead. If you're launching a brand new point (not an existing store, not a buy / sell), and are free from OEM mandated vendors, which website vendor do you choose and why? Only goal: best overall product. Support is important, but great...
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    Kijiji (Canada) "Valued Customer" Notification

    Anything that makes TrueCar look like a bargain is from another dimension.
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    Google My Business adds inventory

    Always dropping little truth bombs. There was such a hard push from EVERYONE to get this set up as soon as possible or else. And..... boy is it underwhelming so far.
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    Best stocks in the automotive industry

    Is this some weird spam that I don't understand?
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    PR & News Reynolds & Reynolds Acquires Gubagoo

    I missed that too. Really makes you think the Gubagoo number was too much to say no to.
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    PR & News Wow! CDK Acquires Roadster

    I'd be OK if they just left Gubagoo alone.
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    Rank the CRMs

    I only didn’t include them at or near the top of my list because they’re so new. The CRM looks very modern, tech-wise. Can’t speak for the DMS, but considering how, uh, rough around the edges all of the traditional DMS’s are, I’m betting it might turn out well for you.
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    Rank the CRMs

    If the history of automotive acquisitions has taught me anything, this means that development and innovation will move forward at breakneck pace right?
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    Google My Business adds inventory

    I mean I don’t see choosing not to give a major competitor money & data every month as emotional, but that’s just me. I agree that changing vendors on a whim is generally a poor choice. But I don’t think it applies here at all. To each their own, eh?
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    Google My Business adds inventory

    I’m kinda surprised you still have edmunds on as a vendor, given the ownership change.