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    Google Changes for Voice Search - Digital 1 Group

    Bingo. When I hear the term voice searches, I’m thinking of someone talking to the person in a can on the other side of the room - echo, HomePod, google whatever it’s called.
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    Google Changes for Voice Search - Digital 1 Group

    I’ve never met anybody who shopped for a car, did car research, or tried to schedule a service visit for their car with voice search. Maybe they’re out there, but I don’t know any. I always try to think ahead, but this one has always left me scratching my head. Just seems like the wrong way to...
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    Cargurus, Autotrader,, and CarFax - How much effort?

    USAA’s gone - none of the other niches are anywhere near big enough to stand out, at least in my market. We’ve always been super aggressive with pricing for *all* customers - the idea of even deeper / special / secret discounts for USAA / Truecar customers has always seemed silly.
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    Cargurus, Autotrader,, and CarFax - How much effort?

    Not to derail this - but I keep asking myself this question: What exactly is TrueCar's value proposition to either the dealer or the customer in 2020 / 2021? The "dealer is evil" shtick is played out, and the pricing transparency revolution has been around for a while.
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    Google's Dealer Guidebook 2.5 is out - Your thoughts?

    I'm going to go out into left field here; please bear with me. I saw the exact same thing you did - HUGE increase in raw lead counts, HUGE increase in % of total sales that started as a lead. So. I think it's as simple as this: Google doesn't know *quite* as much about our industry as they...
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    Mandatory Digital Retailing tool for Nissan Dealers through CarSaver?

    Nissan is putting some level of pressure on dealers to sign up, but it is absolutely *not* mandatory, and there is currently no incentive for signing up, and no penalty for not signing up. Nissan dealers can be a cantankerous bunch when it comes to OEM mandates. Quite frankly, we hate them. And...
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    Facebook Ad's not getting approved

    Same - no matter how careful I am, I can’t do anything outside of the credit ad category. Kinda limits the cool stuff you can do.
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    Evolving Call to Actions - should ePrice die?

    Same, but man it's hard to go all-in.
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    Facebook Ad's not getting approved

    What's their reason for declining the ads? Are you setting the Credit special category?
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    Evolving Call to Actions - should ePrice die?

    Ahh the lengths we have to go to to get around MAP.
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    Success with Twitter?

    Autopilot to check the OEM box. Beyond that? Nah. I have yet to try twitter ads. Might be something there, but on the non-paid side, it's a big zero.
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    GM Dealers - Are you signing up for Shop Click Drive for Nov Promo

    Not a GM dealer, so my answer is probably worth $0, but I’ll shoot my shot anyway. Not a fan of the customer experience of shop click drive, but I’ve never used it as a dealer, so I don’t have any metrics. Most important to me: I would take a hard pass on having 2 DR solutions live on my...
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    How many Categories of Internet Leads should there really be?

    For me, internet leads come in 6 main flavors: Dealer Website Third Party (I lump classifieds in with OEM, OEM third party, and when I use them, regular ol' third parties. Classifieds should probably be broken out but I like to keep it simple) Social Special Finance (when we do them) Database...
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    Hey Ford Dealers... Check your CRM's email automation before your Bronco reservations tell you to "buck off"

    As in, you wouldn’t have a CRM at all, or wouldn’t have one on their blessed / approved list?
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    Digital Retailing for Dealers - What are your results?

    What does using the tool mean? Getting payments at the least - many appraise a trade. A smaller number do a credit app. Did we sell more cars? Yes. I’m a simple guy. Easy to use tool that customers like to use + lots of leads + more cars sold = one happy camper.