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    Anyone listing their inventory on Carvana?

    Where is @Rick Buffkin? I have questions... What is the point of spam like this? Is the goal simply to get a url out there? If that is the case, wouldn't you want to say something positive about the property that you are promoting? No need to leave this forum for...
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    Ryan Everson has a NEW Job!! -- CONGRATULATIONS!

    Congrats Man! That's a good lookin' baby girl you have there. Enjoy every minute!
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    How to Get More Website Trade-in Leads - Copy the "Disruptors" like Carvana!

    I haven't posted in a while, but this topic hit close to home. I wanted to say that @Marc Lavoie hit it out of the park! The game starts after the click and the critical innings are after the form submission. Full disclosure: My company is responsible for the ICO tool on 50% of the sites that...
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    Car Dealers, are you guilty of review-gating?

    It is interesting to me that this is still being discussed. I wrote about the negatives of this practice extensively here on Refresh when I worked for DealerRater... sheesh... 10 years ago! Where does the time go? I haven't followed the space in many years, but I'm glad to hear that Google is...
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    PR & News Vroom to Acquire CarStory

    Hey @Alex Snyder, How do I link to Dr. Franke's Refresh Friday appearance? That might just clear up a few things. ;) @Greg Spencer, thanks for the question. The consumer-facing marketplace that we run is the proverbial "tip of the iceberg." Most of our work is done through and with partners...
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    What in the world did I miss? This changes NOW!

    Good to see you coming back around @ed.brooks. You were missed. I've always appreciated your encouragements to "Stay Classy." I don't think that would have changed his course, but I can't tell you how many times I read something he wrote and thought of this post you wrote WAY back in 2011...
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    First post I am looking for information regarding inventory feeds to power an automotive retailing site (like Autotrader or

    I'm going to be the guy that rains on the parade Jason. I promise I'm not posting to be negative, that's not my bag. I really think you need to know the answers to these questions BEFORE you start looking for inventory because I think you have a sheer cliff of an uphill battle ahead of you...
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    Thanks For Ruining It For The Rest Of Us

    I think they are more likely to believe it when you give them a "real" number that is also a fair number for both parties. "We want to buy your car, c'mon on in to get your appraisal" falls kinda flat when Carvana, Vroom, Lithia's DRIVEWAY, and a whole slew of partner sites will put a real...
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    Hey Ford Dealers... Check your CRM's email automation before your Bronco reservations tell you to "buck off"

    I think it is absolutely worth noting that that was your first post here on Refresh. Talk about "walking the talk" on initial quality. :) Thanks for sharing this @Wesley.
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    Hey Ford Dealers... Check your CRM's email automation before your Bronco reservations tell you to "buck off"

    I definitely don't think bland CRM automation is necessary for special cases like the Bronco launch. Truth is there is nothing to do before orders can be placed anyway. You don't need to check in with me every two days to see if I need anything BEFORE order dates are announced. On a related...
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    Hey Ford Dealers... Check your CRM's email automation before your Bronco reservations tell you to "buck off"

    See what I did there? ;) Got this email this morning: For those of you not following the launch of the 2021 Ford Bronco, it has been met with excitement from journalists, enthusiasts, and casual observers alike. The problem with this email is that the configurator is not yet live, packages...
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    How bad are auction prices right now during COVID? Should I wait to get my license?

    Welcome to the forums @Sufarry. I'd like to make a soft plug for the GIADA. GA has one of the best independent auto dealers associations in the country. Have you investigated membership with the GIADA? They have vendor relationships that provide key services at a reduced rate for members too...
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    Aspiring inventory photographer (again)

    Hey @Eric Weber, I have a few thoughts for you to chew on. I hope this helps. First, I think this is a GREAT time for you to explore this opportunity. COVID, for as bad as it has been, it has encouraged dealers to really upgrade their digital marketing efforts. You can be a tremendous asset...