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    Help With Odd Website Analytics & BOT Traffic.

    The Bad Bot Trap Typically, good bots will follow your robots.txt file, but the bad bots don’t care and they ignore the “rules” because they think they’re cool and are after your assets for the most part. Step 1. Install Blackhole PRO for bad Bots Plugin. Blackhole for Bad Bots does one thing...
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    GM dealer leaving CDK website who to look at ?

    I have had the same consistent problem with CDK in their Executive Desktop and they acknowledged the issue, have had other dealers complain about it and yet here we are a year later dealing with it. I also had someone from CDK call me directly from my complaint post on who...
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    BREAKING news! Carvana & Vroom is bleeding cash. Is Ecommerce in auto DOA?

    Carvana is just going through growing pains -- They will make it and the reason why is that it is what anyone 35 and under wants from a car buying experience. No one want's to sit in a dealership like mom and dad did for five hours just to purchase a car. It's the number one gripe and joke of...
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    My Rant about DealerInspire.

    You hit the nail on the head when you said "understanding of the use of inventory feeds" Many DMS systems are licensed with other companies and will not allow inventory feed or data pulls - I tried it that way already. The rest of the build is easy and pretty repetitive. One car dealership...
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    My Rant about DealerInspire.

    Well said ----------- !!
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    Tesla Reality Check?

    Now THERE is a REAL .... "screenshot" :D :D :D :itsok:
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    Tesla Reality Check?

    What's sort of funny is that they really are NOT a good looking vehicle. I only see it as a status symbol -- For me, the Jaguar XF is far more luxurious of a sedan for less. I know, it's not electric ... but who cares. I am not into this electric vehicle "look at me, I'm saving the environment."
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    DealerTrack - Yay 0r Nay?

    Yah, I saw this but this is SEVEN years old already --- Technology happens in a matter of weeks! Even CDK went to hell in a matter of months
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    Can't Ignore the Carvana Craze!

    I just watched again as the shares of Carvana stocks rose from 11% to 27.55 and had a revenue of $360.4 million! Pretty good for a guy that started on Shark Tank. In the first quarter, it sold 18,484 vehicles, up 122% from the year-ago period. That was slightly above management's guidance of...
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    DealerTrack - Yay 0r Nay?

    My dealer principal is switching to DealerTrack and there was a 2012 forum post here that pretty much executed them in review. Have they gotten any better yet? nyone else sail the ship away from Reynolds and CDK to give these people a try? Comments are helpful and welcomed... They do have a...
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    DealerSocket Email Hell

    #1 -- No matter what DealerSocket has to say about the SPF records, email SHOULD NOT be sent through a third party email server using the domain of another. It's just bad practice -- period! Here is what they sent me THANKS TO THIS FORUM !! v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4: +ip4:
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    Are Car Dealers Liars?

    Being tied to the business, I should be more aware but it seems to me that the deception comes, not from the salesperson but from the finance department managers. Most of them need a lesson in customer awareness and that the tactics they used in the 1970's are no longer acceptable. It's too easy...
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    Tesla Reality Check?

    I have a friend who is an underwriter for AAA and they are backing off many of the claims because the average time Tesla customers are expected to be in a rental vehicle is 6+ months with not enough Tesla approved body shops put there either.
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    The misconception about millennials

    Didn't we forget about this - lazy - pot smoking - job hopping - parent sucking - music loving - party culture - sex maniac - barefoot Generation --- in this discussion?
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    Tesla Reality Check?

    God forbid when the owner get's into a fender bender for the 6-20 months it takes to get parts Even the insurance companies are raising their rates for Tesla owners