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  1. Stefan Sites are Down!!!

    Our fresh up traffic and sales have been going up. Maybe this is a good thing.
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    Get your ears on and enjoy some music at work

    Few months back I finally stepped it up and got this noice cancelation Bose headphone and I love them. Great battery life, light and comfortable and I can take incoming calls ...
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    Setting up a Photo Booth

    When we got ours was about 30k.
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    Setting up a Photo Booth

    You should check out .
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    You can optimize your listings on 3rd-party sites -- and should!

    From what my team tells me, it has data for about 60% of the cars and it depends on the year, make and if the vehicle was sold retail in us. It also appears that they are working hard on adding new info to their database quite often. For sure not a perfect solution but it is useful.
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    BREAKING news! Carvana & Vroom is bleeding cash. Is Ecommerce in auto DOA?

    It looks like they got blinded by DISC and forgot about DIMM. I think this is a DIMM problem more than DISC. In order to make it long term you need to master both.
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    Location is the ad source of the unenlightened

    “do you trust your sales & service staff “– No and it should not be part of their duties. They are not qualified “to actually probe the customer to find out what truly made them aware of your dealership and what other sources should receive attribution too?” “to actually probe the customer to...
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    Uncle Joe's Make Over Diary

    In her post Paula tells us: Can a dealer create a customer centric experience without collaboration from the OEM and vendors (partners)? I will adventure to say they can't! Yes we can improve the customer experience on our showrooms, we can even get better at responding to leads and answering...
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    New Car Specials - What REALLY Works?

    At first I thought this was your question; however, after reading your post over I've found this: To me these are two very different challenges. I think you are looking for ways to change the culture at your store. Is this correct? I ask this because banners and specials will not help you...
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    The competition is who and they're doing what???

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    What Do You Predict For 2016?

    Please don't be another dealer conference ...
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    Beepi and Vroom and Carvana - will they make a DENT?

    Lets add to the watch list.
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    TAKE POLL OEM Site Only Versus Custom Dealer Site

    I don’t believe the answer is as simple as yes or no. In my opinion, few things should be taken in consideration before making a decision: Is your store in a highly competitive market or single point? Are you a store focusing on new, used or both? Do you have someone to constantly create...