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    Did we miss memo about Auction Access charging dealers an annual fee PER Authorized Auction Rep?

    I have always been amazed at how many people don't see it this way.... Commodity is king~!
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    This may be more a question for Vendors - Is it possible to license MMR data or is it only for Manheim customers?

    Yeah, except if i'm not mistaken those apps use my credentials to access the data. If i don't have a Manheim account can i still access MMR? I don't think so but that's what i'm asking...
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    New GM in retail automotive looking for advice

    They go together. TradeRev has been caught doing the same, they will work the buyers to the sellers advantage. It just kills the spirit of what the auction is supposed to be. Running a buyer up and then coming back with an if bid isn't honest behavior in my books.
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    New GM in retail automotive looking for advice

    Make sure you ask them specifically if they allow bid shilling, and if not how do they prevent it?
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    This may be more a question for Vendors - Is it possible to license MMR data or is it only for Manheim customers?

    I called the 1-800 but the girl who answered was totally lost. I havent been able to ascertain if they license valuation data like Blackbook and Nada Guides do/
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    CDK & ReyRey lost to NADA in court

    This thread makes me so gdam happy!
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    Dealersocket <> Adpearance Inc. dba Four Eyes

    What you are seeing from DS is a direct result of VC ownership. I know that neither Brad nor Jonathon would ever support this type of behaviour. It is specifically this kind of behavior that spawns a start up who takes advantages of the rifts that insincere profit taking creates. I know of at...
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    A day in the life of Carvana.

    Chad you nailed it on the head. Carvana is heavily reliant on their data science team to determine what their acquisition price should be. Good quality used vehicles are a very in demand commodity, so MMR and other Valuation engines may not suffice as competition for resources increases. The...
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    Watch CarGurus Hijack this Lead

    It wasn't an issue back in the newspaper days. There were plenty of ways of having that loss leader bring em in! I'm old enough to remember it
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    Watch CarGurus Hijack this Lead

    Not disagreeing. Our main focus was always in compressing the length of time it took to process a used vehicle through service and cleanup to get it lot ready. The concern was always around the danger in blindly following a tool that encouraged you to skimp on recon and focus on price over...
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    DealerSocket Email Hell

    This really isn't DealerSocket's problem, its yours. The others are correct with their suggestion that your SPF record, if applied correctly, should be enough for Google (and others) to trust your mail. The other option is DKIM
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    Watch CarGurus Hijack this Lead

    Great post Joe. I enjoy your content the most on this forum, you need your own sub forum or something. The race to the bottom was really started with vAuto. It was always my opinion that every used vehicle stood on its own as a unique entity. I found it laughable that my one owner, never been...
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    Cox Shilling Lyft to Dealers

    And liability. Sometimes spending a bit to absolve your store from liability is worth it.
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    It's Customer Valuation, not Attribution

    Reynolds had Customer Value on the customer inquiry screen, which totaled profit from all departments. Not sure at that point if you need any fancy algorithms to tell you that if a guy was already worth ten grand to you, you best be kissing his ass if you want to keep future profits on the...
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    Breaking Up with a Vendor...

    LOL. Ok that's is the funniest thing i have seen on this board yet. Stinky feet dude got called out, tried to play it off like a photoshop and then got owned by google cache. The rest of this thread is stupid. You can learn two things here, and that is be very careful about what you post and...