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    Driven Data Manager, Client Success

    Manager, Client Success Since the launch of marketing the end of 2019 Driven Data has grown 4x. Due to this growth we are expanding our Client Success team to meet the needs of our dealer partners. As the first digital marketing solution that was developed on a foundation of pure analytics...
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    Are you eligible for Google Ad Credits for Covid-19

    A couple questions I've gotten since publishing the article: Q. Can my credit be distributed to a different dealership? A. No. It's allocated to a specific account and can not be transferred. Q. Is it possible for my agency or partner to take the credit and use it elsewhere? A. No. It's...
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    Are you eligible for Google Ad Credits for Covid-19

    Google Ad Credits for Automotive Dealers: Covid-19 What to know about Google’s Ad Credits for Automotive Dealers in the United States Are you an automotive dealer who spends money on digital advertising, specifically with Google? Or maybe, you are an automotive dealer partnered with a...
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    Do You Leave the Dealership License Plate Frame On or Off?

    One of the first things I do when I get a new car is take every badge, sticker, or obnoxious emblem off it. My boomer parents had no idea that you could even remove the dealer logo plates.
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    COVID Conspiracies

    @Alexander Lau I declare you the winner of the covid-19 conspiracies. I wonder what our political leaders positions are in the market. It's a requirement to turn over control of your investments when taking office however there very well could be some back door deals between our gov. officials...
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    3rd Party Lead Providers Cost Post-COVID

    Great question Patrick - A couple questions to better answer yours: 1. Which providers are you currently using? 2. Is your dealership a new car franchise? If so, what brand(s)? 3. Is your goal lead volume, lead quality, or somewhere in between? I'm in Orange County and it's not much different...
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    Coronavirus - the Automotive Industry and your Dealership

    In addition to helping keep consumers stay engaged during the global crisis... It's important to consider what the new normal will be. Paraphrase - "Early evidence suggests that consumers are engaging in online purchases that they previously would have accomplished at a "brick and mortar"...
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    It's 2019. What is a good Web Lead Close Rate? [Insert "yeah but our leads are different" here]

    Depends on where they convert. Does the social campaign take the consumer to your website? If so, where? Do the PPC ads land your consumer on your website or is the consumer engaging via an extension?
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    NADA 2020 Roll Call

    -Will you be there? - Yes, solo. Text me to meet up. 949-573-0743 -Where will we find you? Starbucks and the penny slots? All around! -What are you most excited to see or learn about this year? Ways to improve the consumer experience. Finding the cure for the digital advertising epidemic...
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    What's your favorite GAP product to sell?

    My favorite is the acid washed jean jorts. Gap makes pre-cut huggable jeans that fit a guy that has his mothers hips. I started wearing jorts when @john.quinn made them fashionable.
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    Digital Retailing for Dealers - What are your results?

    I'm just teasin' @Alex Snyder here. But in reality, it's consumer driven, is it not? If consumers just aren't ready to buy a car online or optimize a showroom visit by using a DR tool then it really doesn't matter what the process or tech is.
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    Digital Retailing for Dealers - What are your results?

    I would replace "dealer's process" with "customer's process".
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    Digital Retailing for Dealers - What are your results?

    Agree, with buts. Your websites goal and purpose should be to convert. Defining conversion and optimizing is where it gets tricky. There are enough third party plug-ins in our space that you could go broke selling cars. Adding more plug ins (trade in, coupons, calculators, etc) does not mean...
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    Digital Retailing for Dealers - What are your results?

    Ok. You are crazy. I don't think you can compare "ePrice" form leads to "digital retailing or whatever it is". If you have some comparison logic, let's hear it? (something other than an internet lead close rate report) Im interested to hear how others have tested Digital Retailing. For...
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    Who Works Harder at our Store - Retail Sales Guy or Internet Sales Guy

    Quick survey results from last week. Here's the survey in case you missed it. First, a funny disclaimer: Disclaimer: Surveys are biased. Survey results can vary dramatically depending on survey instructions/questions/answers, administrators, format, audience, etc. This...