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  1. Mitch Gallant

    What's a HOT Option worth?

    You can tell we live in different parts of the world. Heated steering wheel is by far my favorite option!
  2. Mitch Gallant

    CHEAP Website Options

    Just called Ford direct, they have a loose tie in with Ford Canada but it's not big, bold or beautiful. He started looking and then magically I was hung up on. Thx for the lead, will check them out!
  3. Mitch Gallant

    What's a HOT Option worth?

    Auto High Beams Headlight Washers Rain-Sensing/Automatic Wipers Trailer Brake Controller The thing where you can have the key in your pocket and just touch the handle to unlock the car...
  4. Mitch Gallant

    CHEAP Website Options

    No idea. I haven’t shopped providers in so long. The best value is subjective but I have to be <$1000/mo.
  5. Mitch Gallant

    CHEAP Website Options

    "You get what you pay for" be damned. I have a Lincoln franchise and we're forced to maintain a separate, Lincoln specific website. We're hosting that with DealerIspire who I love and is exceptional in many ways. For all their upside, talent, remarkable support etc.. they charge for it...
  6. Mitch Gallant

    Email losers

    How do we think we can fix this? I also use Socket and would love to have better deliverability. The PR of "they just don't care" can become enough to make them care if nothing else.
  7. Mitch Gallant

    Digital Retailing - What are your results?

    I'd be happy to circle back on this in 60-90 days. Online Shopper from DI is being setup for our store at the moment. We had to wait quite a while for the Canadian banks to be integrated but should be going live very shortly.
  8. Mitch Gallant

    FRIKINtech: Alex's new role and what it means for DealerRefresh

    To chime in on FRIKINtech, did a demo about a week ago and it was FUCKINawesome. Very cool setup and super usable tool! Customer friendly, sales person friendly, SUPER DUPER desk friendly. I was working the desk when i demoed it so i was a little extra tuned in and look forward to seeing if it...
  9. Mitch Gallant

    Deals4Dealers Every dealer wants to sell more right?

    Makes sense, I was on their group site. Thx for the links.
  10. Mitch Gallant

    NADA 2019 - who's going?

    First time since about 8 years ago I'll be there. All GM's and controllers from our group are heading down for our quarterly meeting and to take in the show. Not sure what to expect and have tried to plan it out a bit but it's mind bending.
  11. Mitch Gallant

    DealerOn is Off

    I think I understand what you're saying and at the risk of splitting hairs you changes your message from "give me or I quit" to high expectations which is aligned with what I would push towards. I would never suggest letting anyone off the hook, ever, however, I'm a huge advocate of building...
  12. Mitch Gallant

    DealerOn is Off

    I get being up front and demanding but DealerOn is a great company to work with, in my experience. I don't think stamping your feet and demanding a refund is conducive to building a relationship with a partner who holds the keys to such a critical piece of our operations. To that end I think...
  13. Mitch Gallant

    Deals4Dealers Every dealer wants to sell more right?

    Not trying to be a pain but I just googled Asbury and clicked around w/o any gubagoo chasing me or chat options that I could find.
  14. Mitch Gallant

    Dealers Superimposing their Pictures in Front of the Dealership

    Curious what you all think of the concept of using WIIFM slides for customers every 5 images or so. @Alex Snyder your comments about the customer journey on the very second comment of this thread made me think and sorry it took me 4 months to reply @joe.pistell. Here's a used car on my lot as...
  15. Mitch Gallant

    What would it take to make a BETTER LEAD?

    I’d want to see a profile based on user activity that suggests what the customer is interested in and what vehicles we have in stock that fit that profile, both new and used. Good better best and make it easy for sales reps to communicate with customers with good info. Key indicators that a...
  16. Mitch Gallant

    Favorite Non Auto Technology/Software?

    @Chris Leslie What is it you like about Raven tools? Any tips/need to knows/nice to knows for a guy who's going to sign up for the free trial and check it out? What do you find is the main use case(s) for you? *sorry for the interrogation...
  17. Mitch Gallant

    DealerSocket's Revenue Radar and the struggles...

    OUCH! We've yet to migrate. What are the missing pieces right now? I'll be dropping into a few stores when it rolls out for a day or two and would love the heads up!
  18. Mitch Gallant

    2017 - Happy New Year Refresh Community.

    Happy New Years to all. Thanks for building a great place to hang out Jeff.
  19. Mitch Gallant

    Re Tooling BDC Process

    If your CRM can export a CSV it can integrate with an auto dialer. I've never used VIN but I assume it can export a list? Like Steve said, on the phones is where the focus belongs. An auto dialer can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to make effective calls. It has bugs. The...
  20. Mitch Gallant

    Need volunteer dealers to try my new real time ad creative platform - fee free

    Let's do it. We've got some display budget we could carve up and put towards this.