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  1. ErikJonker

    The New Tesla Truck - What do you honestly think?

    I love it!!! I want it Bad
  2. ErikJonker

    Inundated with Facebook Marketplace Scams

    Since going live with facebook marketplace for our used car inventory, we have seen more leads and more customer engagement thru facebook messenger than any other advertising lead source. In the last few weeks, we have been getting these Phishing messages almost everyday: The messages and...
  3. ErikJonker

    Why Yelp should Seriously Eat S*^&% and Die

    OMG......these are some serious LULLZ....
  4. ErikJonker

    Call Revu Needs a "REVU"

    callrail's alerts, send out an email to you and your managers after every call with an attached audio file that can be played right then and there. Instant call review on the cheap!!!
  5. ErikJonker

    Google Places 360 walk throughs

    I had this done at our Store in 2014 and it is currently still up and available at our Google Places Listing. Is there any value to updating this regularly? Can the analytics of who's viewing this be viewed somewhere? Sub-Question: I want to change the number on my google places listing to a...
  6. ErikJonker

    Call Revu Needs a "REVU"

    I use call rail. It's easy to use and set up. Cheap monthly. Allows you to easily review all calls.
  7. ErikJonker

    Unqualified Traffic Source

    Conclusion: Looking through Google Analytics their appears to be very little evidence of referral or direct traffic from this source. I am not even sure why or how this is lucrative for someone to do?
  8. ErikJonker

    Unqualified Traffic Source

    Yes, what should I be looking for? Acquisition tab?
  9. ErikJonker

    Unqualified Traffic Source

    Hey Dealer Refresh Community! Hoping someone smarter than me can look through this information and help me decipher what this is and if it is a vendor doing something kinky to show me traffic to my website. A week ago I get a lead submission on our site with this written: Customer Comments...
  10. ErikJonker


    @Ryan Thompson I would say use Traderev who is a subsidiary/owned by ADESA to sell your aged or beaters but be very careful about what you buy on it. My experience is that these cars being listed are not being called right. Since the Seller is taking the pictures and noting the damages the...
  11. ErikJonker looking to sell - Deal Pending? was offering the oldest versions of the offerings for a long time and couldn't access newer offerings to sell to dealers for a long time. They couldn't even offer chat on any of their sites for a long time. If cox buys then tradercorp may get all the...
  12. ErikJonker

    Metric chasing absurdity

    Ummmm, I am super Confused... If this was the best idea, how come the Weins Auto Group isn't even using the Cockpit/Steering wheel shot as their first VDP picture? I went to I could not find one car new or used with this technique being used. By no...
  13. ErikJonker

    Thoughts on a big-city test for no-haggle pricing?

    @Ed Brooks I am in the process of rolling out this process at my stores where there is virtually no "one price" stores or Market Pricing of "New" Cars. (in Canada for new this isn't happening at all in my market) (for used, vauto velocity is happening) I think that based off there being less...
  14. ErikJonker

    First CASL Violation Filed

    as a Canadian with a a business in Canada we have taken this very seriously...............but seriously, there hasn't been a reduction in the amount of spam i get everyday in the last 9 months and I haven't opt'd into getting any emails...... The CRTC is seriously going to go after spammers in...
  15. ErikJonker

    New - I mean Really Old lead source for CRM

    I don't believe that I have ever received a MAIL LEAD !!! We may have to rework the CRM to accept this new..I mean really Old Lead Source....
  16. ErikJonker

    Video Solutions for Dealer Websites

    anyone have any recommendations on who can make a good explainer video like the one that Stadium Toyota uses? or this one?
  17. ErikJonker

    Passive Aggressive car dealer email made me laugh today.

    Neal, I would love to know the context of the email........ did you email them then never respond? did you go to the store and make false promises? nobody send that email out without some action taken by you..............
  18. ErikJonker

    Why Yelp should Seriously Eat S*^&% and Die

    only from the phone app at the place of business or home.... never from work.
  19. ErikJonker

    Why Yelp should Seriously Eat S*^&% and Die

    After being contacted via Phone VoiceMail by Yelp in December to sign-up and do ads with them and realizing that coincidentally all my positive reviews that were live for months and months had mysteriously all been blacklisted all of a sudden I decided I would do a little Yelp Experiment. I...