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  1. derrickwoolfson

    Have BDC's Outgrown the Dealership?

    One of the key takeaways from last year's DSES was the idea that there is already an "old school Internet Manager," which is a sobering statement. So can the same be said for the BDC's on the dealer level? Has the BDC evolved or out-grown the dealership's needs? Is there still a future for the...
  2. derrickwoolfson

    HomeNet Contact?

    Does anyone have a rep at Homenet I can call? I want to know if they integrate with my DMS (trucking) - it is evident that many inventory management systems cannot be customized for commercial truck sales.
  3. derrickwoolfson

    The BDC Center Is Not An Operator!?

    To my surprise, the setup I am currently dealing with is that *all* auto group calls (4 locations) go through the BDC, which as you can imagine is several calls a day that are completely unrelated to sales. That said, much of their day is spent looking for the right person to transfer the...
  4. derrickwoolfson

    AutoLoop XRM Auto Email Help

    Does anyone use XRM Car Research? If so, do you know how to add auto email follow-ups? The only options I see within their platform requires the user to still "manually" complete the "auto email," which completely defeats the purpose of adding "auto emails" For example: Day 2 "GM Email" >...
  5. derrickwoolfson

    I want to hold gross, BUT let's GUT the Pricing?

    I understand each month's objectives change. But what I do not understand is the complaining of not holding gross when all of the units are gutted? Where they think "not everyone shops online price?" (scratches head) - despite their having inquired online... Do you gut all the pricing? I...
  6. derrickwoolfson

    Vendor Pricing

    Why can't vendors add their pricing to the website? Why do you have to go through an entire pitch to get a price? Even if they just said "XYZ" service starting at just $XXX per month? Thoughts?
  7. derrickwoolfson

    Mystery Shop

    The awkward moment your previous GM mystery shops you, BUT uses the same email...has anyone else had this happen before? I think we should call 3 x a day for 2 weeks. And email 5-6 times a day. What would you do??
  8. derrickwoolfson

    Free Spam, No Not the Ham

    This whole anonymous email BS from CarGurus (free leads) is for crap. How is this not hitting spam? And you get 5 attempts before the anonymous email is cut off? Free is not always good. And we know, first hand, that there is always a catch! Are they hurting for account retention? (it is...
  9. derrickwoolfson

    Call Revu Needs a "REVU"

    Tracking phones is imperative as it assists in bettering the way we handle and approach the phones. But if you have had the chance to "REVU" (really? r we using shrt ling now?) "CALL REVU" it is nothing more than a bloated, clumsy, unapproachable excel sheet filled with electric colors that will...
  10. derrickwoolfson

    Help from DealerON Anyone?

    Anyone have a solid contact w/ DealerON? They have a back-end tool for loading "multiple" specials at one time for pre-owned. However, the *expiration* date defaults to current date, which completely voids the convenience factor of being able to load multiple specials at one time. Given that you...
  11. derrickwoolfson

    Does Your CRM Have the Right to Hijack Your Data?

    There has been a policy change with a CRM we use that now states that if the customer does not have a an active relationship with the dealer it will automatically opt them out. Giving time frames for each instance. While I understand that spamming is never good, and you should scrub your email...
  12. derrickwoolfson

    Parents Call the Shots?

    In the past month I have seen more than six deals go south because the adult's parents pressured them into buying at another dealership. Or to purchase a car they did not like or want. This not something I have witnessed before, honestly. Just this morning I spoke with a customer who said they...
  13. derrickwoolfson

    Responding to an Auto GM Email

    The BDC at our store came under fire today for having responded to a customer's inquiry. The customer inquired about a vehicle asking "What is your best sale price." The consultant, of course, never answered the question or emailed the customer. A week went by. We have emails that go out on...
  14. derrickwoolfson

    Dealer Paid OEM Email Marketing

    The OEM puts pressure on the dealers to use their 3rd party marketing companies for mailers & emails. This past month the GM caved in and laid out the money to work with the OEM's marketing company. Already frustrated the dealers name & info was muted on the creative. Before the email went out...
  15. derrickwoolfson

    Wait 20 minutes to Answer the Lead!

    This not a new conversation. Not at my dealer, either. We had a BDC, but the GM wanted to save money pressuring me to develop the sales consultants to be BDC agents. Despite my arguing against the GM, I lost. We went from a 35-41% set-rate (450-489 leads) to barely hitting the high teens with...
  16. derrickwoolfson

    Social Media Specialist

    Younger Auto Group - Frederick & Hagerstown MD Please email your resume to Kelly Orcutt @ [email protected] The Social Media Specialist is the main point of contact for the dealership and is responsible for building and maintains excellent relationships with the Dealer Principal...
  17. derrickwoolfson

    Inventory Issues in ADP

    To make a quick, frustrating, story short there are issues with our inventory in ADP. Vehicles that have been sold are still populating in our inventory list in ADP. The inventory then populates online. I removed the inventory from Home Net & DealerON to then realize that ADP is the 'main'...
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