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  1. NickCybela

    Brand new to the industry- HELP!

    You might consider setting a corporate policy around the things you want to do. By framing it as a written policy you can often enforce a higher degree of control and transparency than normal. However, if you're at a single point vs group that will be harder. Have you balanced the pros/cons...
  2. NickCybela

    Please be advised... (is it yours if you don't control it?) *RANT*

    In my experience any of the bigger groups with FCA or large volume stores can help push you through but generally it's going to be a one off sort of thing, outside of becoming certified or convincing the dealer to abandon the program entirely. There is a considerable amount of existing case...
  3. NickCybela Advertising is a no go according to DDC themselves

    Is the reality that on scale dealers want a very simple program and often a single point to manage? Do they care enough to sign a long term agreement, or pay more for someone that is handling less accounts? There isn't as much margin as you might think after the intermediary agencies, OEM, and...
  4. NickCybela

    SEM Strategy...In House or Agency

    The most important thing for dealers is to ensure they own their properties. Vendor changes will inevitably happen and learning that all the data/campaigns are gone can be incredibly frustrating. For a group of 20 or more, you should absolutely consider doing it in house. Less than that...
  5. NickCybela

    New Role Overseeing Dealer Group "Internet" - Ideas?

    You might also consider some of the digital shows. Digital Dealer is coming up in April and that's a great chance to talk to other dealership directors tackling the same challenges and hear what the various providers are speaking about. Having been on both the dealer and agency side multiple...
  6. NickCybela

    Automotive Digital Retailing - Who offers a full solution for dealerships?

    It would also be interesting to see regional differences. There's some clear concentrations on Google Trends around digital retailing. One huge issue is integration to advertising. Without that, it cannot possibly drive additional sales. This presents another big problem: does the...
  7. NickCybela

    Content is dead. Long live Content? (Video Content)

    I think the biggest opportunity for dealers around video is to convince customers to put down their devices and come take a test drive. A lot of video content on dealer websites puts customers back into the research phase, after the dealership spent all that money to get them to their website...
  8. NickCybela

    NADA 2019 - who's going?

    You found the real secret to NADA. ;)
  9. NickCybela

    NADA 2019 - who's going?

    We'll be there sharing augmented video you can experience instead of watch, replacing digital reporting with a text, and giving dealers a chance to trade digital retailing for something better than an "Amazon" experience. Looking forward to seeing everyone there-- and some lively discussions.
  10. NickCybela

    Digital Dealer 25 Rollcall

    Our team will be there-- but I'm headed to the one later in week.
  11. NickCybela

    Content is dead. Long live Content? (Video Content)

    We've seen "360" and web enabled (non headset) virtual reality video even more effective in terms of completion rate and viewing time (about 2.5 minutes with immersive content vs 28 seconds on a standard video). One simple way to identify whether your video content is working is to track if...
  12. NickCybela

    Virtual Reality Type Showroom?

    I'm personally a fan of RELAYCARS but with OEM's spending $200M last year (will likely double in 2018) making high resolution models that are also CAD accurate, most dealers will have same content for free through that. We ran a study through a Harvard PhD's research team and found that...
  13. NickCybela

    BUSTED Spincar caught selling dealer data

    Another good best practice is to remove all Google Tag Manager (GTM) scripts from your site, including with web providers. Tags like the Criteo through SpinCar can be re-added or hidden otherwise, without any interaction from web provider or the dealership. I also recommend dealers send a...
  14. NickCybela

    Are you optimizing your content for Voice Search?

    Optimizing for voice is a smart approach for large volume dealers or dealer groups investing in digital retailing or equipped to sell to a regional/national audience. Winning in voice takes consistency over months to years, if you start today. That's often unrealistic for a lot of stores...
  15. NickCybela


    Most web providers have at least one version of their sites that are well optimized, but many have grown to a point where the majority of clients are on an OEM mandated format or have legacy clients not willing/ready to upgrade. That's going to be a huge factor in rankings. Hiring a...
  16. NickCybela

    BREAKING news! Carvana & Vroom is bleeding cash. Is Ecommerce in auto DOA?

    Sam, I'm always glad to see progressive people come (and hopefully stay) in the automotive industry. That said, you may find that the complexity of automotive as a whole might surprise you. One of the greatest challenges on the tier 3 level is operational consistency given that most don't...
  17. NickCybela

    Virtual Reality Type Showroom?

    That's high praise, thank you Ryan! One of the big pieces that makes it feel early can be when anything is possible, it's hard to refine specifically what to do or what it means. Our hand tracking and visual experiences went through a research team led by a Harvard PhD who studies what makes...
  18. NickCybela

    Virtual Reality Type Showroom?

    There isn't a major manufacturer who hasn't launched a VR/AR initiative, but most have launched overseas or lacked integration to dealership operations (see: Cadillac's Project Pinnacle) That said, there are great examples available on dealer sites today that are accessible through web. Plus...
  19. NickCybela

    BREAKING news! Carvana & Vroom is bleeding cash. Is Ecommerce in auto DOA?

    Carvana spends $22M on a better VDP (via acquisition of Car360) but isn't making money. Dealers and OEM's have the cars and are making money... but are valued lower than the tech companies. WHY?? (Did you know that in 2017 Ford made almost $7B but was valued less than Tesla... who lost $2B...
  20. NickCybela

    Huge News - Facebook will no longer allow third-party data for targeting ads

    One factor to consider is while third party data providers have a larger network, Facebook has a considerable amount of data as well. It's only a short matter of time before they launch an alternative. In the interim, dealers should think about how they will attract customers to their digital...