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  1. Lrogers

    Thinking about Getting

    Hi everyone, My company is thinking about switching all of their websites to along with our inventory management program (switching from CDM). So I have a couple of questions: 1. Does anybody use their inventory management tool? and how do you like it? 2. I have heard a lot of...
  2. Lrogers

    Responding to Reviews?

    We all know that there are people out there who leave bad reviews that are blatant lies. We have a situation where a consumer claims we said we gave brand new tires at time of purchase and that we lied. We never said such a thing and in reality her tires have been slashed and she wants us to...
  3. Lrogers

    Franchise vs. Privately owned

    Does anyone know the statistics about whether a consumer is more willing to buy from a franchised dealership vs. one that is privately owned?
  4. Lrogers

    Vauto cheese: Is it to cheesy

    I was curious is anybody uses the Vauto cheese for posting comments for their pre-owned inventory online. The format of it drives me crazy, for instance: Yes!!!! Yes!!!! Yes!!!! STOP!!!! Read this!!!! This superb 2008 Toyota Sienna is the do-it-all van you have been trying to find. This...
  5. Lrogers

    Online Stat Reporting: What to use?

    My dealership uses several different methods of tracking website statistics. However, they all tell me different statistics. I was hoping that Google Analytics would be the most reliable and sum everything up in one document but the other day I checked Google Analytics' totals for Google Places...
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