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  1. Lrogers

    Thinking about Getting

    Hi everyone, My company is thinking about switching all of their websites to along with our inventory management program (switching from CDM). So I have a couple of questions: 1. Does anybody use their inventory management tool? and how do you like it? 2. I have heard a lot of...
  2. Lrogers

    Responding to Reviews?

    We all know that there are people out there who leave bad reviews that are blatant lies. We have a situation where a consumer claims we said we gave brand new tires at time of purchase and that we lied. We never said such a thing and in reality her tires have been slashed and she wants us to...
  3. Lrogers

    Franchise vs. Privately owned

    Does anyone know the statistics about whether a consumer is more willing to buy from a franchised dealership vs. one that is privately owned?
  4. Lrogers

    30 Days on Arkona

    We are using dealersocket currently who we have been working really well for us.
  5. Lrogers

    AutoTrader Trade-In Marketplace?

    We actually use the product. We started out with the buy-in center which is the more expensive version which was not worth it. However, we have had a lot of success in the first month of the trade-in center so much so that we decided to keep the product. One of the reasons we may be doing so...
  6. Lrogers

    30 Days on Arkona

    I am glad you have been enjoying your Arkona DMS. The dealership I work for has had quite the opposite experience. In fact the only reason we still use it is because it is so cheap you put up with the problems. In fact the customer service you rave about doesn't seem to exist for us. Our tickets...
  7. Lrogers

    Vauto cheese: Is it to cheesy

    Thanks for you input everyone. I always get good feedback and I have learned a lot from this site.
  8. Lrogers

    Vauto cheese: Is it to cheesy

    I was curious is anybody uses the Vauto cheese for posting comments for their pre-owned inventory online. The format of it drives me crazy, for instance: Yes!!!! Yes!!!! Yes!!!! STOP!!!! Read this!!!! This superb 2008 Toyota Sienna is the do-it-all van you have been trying to find. This...
  9. Lrogers

    Online Stat Reporting: What to use?

    My dealership uses several different methods of tracking website statistics. However, they all tell me different statistics. I was hoping that Google Analytics would be the most reliable and sum everything up in one document but the other day I checked Google Analytics' totals for Google Places...