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  1. DrewAment

    How to set up email alerts to customer when price drops

    What a loss on the DealerOn side to not provide/email the customer with the price drop alert. I would contact DealerOn and explain to them what you want - seems like a simple fix if they are already emailing you as a dealer. And, adding this to my "possibly lost/required functionality" when...
  2. DrewAment

    Microsoft Advertising launches Automotive Ads?

    And, just wanted to make sure my logic was explained -- Bing + Yahoo + DDG == 10.99% doesn't seem to justify 20% of SEM spend.
  3. DrewAment

    Microsoft Advertising launches Automotive Ads?

    Waiting for the invite / topic and DDG -- LOL -- fish where the fish are?? (edit, correct screenshot)
  4. DrewAment

    Microsoft Advertising launches Automotive Ads?

    A better idea would be to see what %% of your traffic comes from BING organically vs Google organically - and then use that as your budget spilt. Then look at stats like impression share, cost per click, etc -- monthly, to validate more %% of budget if needed. You will find out that it will...
  5. DrewAment

    Outgoing calls using Click to Call are being marked as SPAM

    It is not a 'carrier issue', is is not a 'your phone' issue - it has to do with the STIR/SHAKEN being more widely used (along with some providers using a database of common consumer reported numbers) - will continue to be a problem with "spoofing" of the numbers -- spoofing is how most call...
  6. DrewAment - Dealers Facebook Posts are ClickBait

    Was still a problem, no matter the frequency - I just ended up turning off the auto-posting of DealerRater posts to the dealers Facebook pages for almost all my dealers.
  7. DrewAment

    Bumper Before You Buy - Vehicle History Reports Anybody else seen this?? They have been doing a heavy push in my state (Arizona) on Facebook ads. Thoughts on another vehicle history report?
  8. DrewAment

    Witness - The Worst Tactic Ever

    So, I just showed this to one of my dealers -- aaaaaannnnnddddddd "I like it!! Let's implement on our website ASAP!" LOL
  9. DrewAment

    Witness - The Worst Tactic Ever

    However, after the squeeze page they STILL dont give a price! Just more forms to get a price or lease payment.
  10. DrewAment

    24 Hour Test Drives

    LOL -- as a salesperson, I used to LOVE to do this while on a test drive WITH the customer --- Comparing to a Nissan? Let's take this over there right now and compare the two! Showed confidence in my product. And to be honest, in my 8 years selling on the floor, had less than a dozen customers...
  11. DrewAment

    CGI Photos for New Cars - Really?

    I have a dealer that puts a "twinkle" on the headlight on every 1st photo (1/4 view). Does it sell more cars?? Who knows?
  12. DrewAment

    CGI Photos for New Cars - Really?

    The 3rd base is the most valuable! And, best vantage point for a coach! On a side note - Corvette customer came in to buy, mileage on the vehicle "on lot" did not match the mileage on the "picture" (eVN/OEM w/ a custom dealer background). He thought the photos were real. ;-)
  13. DrewAment

    CGI Photos for New Cars - Really?

    LOL -- we fight over the approved website venders, and have our favorites. Think we would run into the same problems with an "approved photo vender"?? Someone that sells, is being sold? HAHAHHA
  14. DrewAment

    CGI Photos for New Cars - Really?

    Yes, customers expect more. However a majority of the dealers (hardly any are on this forum) are unable to deliver. So the OEM came up with a halfway decent scalable solution.
  15. DrewAment

    USAA ends partnership with TrueCar

    I think they are reaching here.... yes it was a paid ad.
  16. DrewAment

    Autotrader Tips for using at-home test drives

    I honestly don't think that a huge %% (less than 1-2%??) of customers are asking for a at-home test drive, or even taking up the drive if a dealership offers. The industry is making a bigger deal out of it than it actually is. Most of it from vendors or blog/post/social managers that work for...
  17. DrewAment

    Digital Retailing for Dealers - What are your results?

    Yes -- but it is about the "soft sell". If you expose the customer to the product earlier in the process, with information that can help the decision, you are more likely to close them at the dealership. Just my opinion right now, don't have any hard stats.
  18. DrewAment

    CarGurus vs Carfax - Good and Great _or_ Great and Good?

    Are we chasing deal bades?? And why is the vender pushing this so hard?? And if we are, what are the criteria used to get a Great/Good, etc. As @Dan Sayer pointed out - none of them have a deep discussion of why, or the dataset, or the validation they are using to make that decision. . . .
  19. DrewAment

    CarGurus vs Carfax - Good and Great _or_ Great and Good?

    2 vehicles -- and notice the badges?? LOL - it is almost like opposing opinions?