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  1. Baron Ringler

    For a Project - The Biggest Areas For Training

    You don't want to spend $10,000 a week for a Trainer to come in and teach your BDC the things they should already know, the online manufacturer courses are for kindergartners and offer no help at all, and in-store training is spotty at best. Most times, all you really have the...
  2. Baron Ringler


    It's not often that you get a chance to tell a laugh-out-loud tale about a manufacturer screw-up, but here goes. It's auto related so I feel safe sharing it here even if it is adult in nature, although if you have delicate sensibilities you may want to skip this. Anyways, in my opinion, the...
  3. Baron Ringler

    Expected Call Volumes

    I need as many responses as possible for this. I know of a BDC where the Reps work leads, make calls, and hand off customers to the sales floor when they come in. Each Rep has about 20-25 more e-lead opportunities per month compared to the "Best Practices" that are recommended by just about...
  4. Baron Ringler

    Help with personnel

    <removed by request>
  5. Baron Ringler

    Shadow - VDI

    We are trying to work with a company, VDI, and their product "Shadow" What they do is add a cookie to your website that tracks customers by ip address and matches them up to a full database of customer information (name, phone, e-mail; anything that may be out in the public domain.), then...
  6. Baron Ringler

    An Odd Posting - Looking for stupid, weird, funny car stories

    I am working on a personal speaker project, and need some ideas for it. I am looking for car stories. Just the stupidest and weirdest things you've ever seen in a dealership. I just need the basic premise; what happened, what were the circumstances, who was involved (customer, salesperson...
  7. Baron Ringler

    Help With Odd Website Analytics & BOT Traffic.

    I'm having trouble deciphering data, and want opinions. Our web site traffic ytd for year-over-year numbers for three stores is UP 12%, 19%, and 50% respectively but for each store the total lead submissions are DOWN. In the case of the 19% increase the submission rate is down 31%. This means...
  8. Baron Ringler

    Higher Gear CRM On The Way Out?

    I am hearing little birdies chirp, from multiple sources, that Higher Gear may be going out the door. Does anyone have more solid information? I'd hate to be left holding the bag if something were to happen and we lose all our data because it can't be transferred. Any information would be much...
  9. Baron Ringler

    I Need a Good Home...No, a GREAT one.

    Just finished some contract work and now need something more solid and permanent. . In the NY/NJ metro area, I am one of the BEST BDC Directors you will ever run across and I am looking for a spot where I can put down PERMANENT roots. Some higlights; - I can work digital, with facile...
  10. Baron Ringler

    Does Anyone Respect Results?

    Just told that a 50%-75% month-by-month and year-over-year increase in BDC traffic over the past 6 months isn't really a good job. I must admit: I was stunned. In the NY/NJ metro area, I am one of the BEST BDC Directors you will ever run across and I am looking for a spot where I can put...