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  1. georgenenni

    Bot traffic from Chevrolet LMA campaigns

    We have recently discovered the source of a large percentage of Direct Channel (untagged) traffic for Ohio-based Chevrolet dealers, after noticing a similar pattern in the traffic landing pages. When we inspected the direct traffic, we noticed a large percentage had "lma" in the URL, along with...
  2. georgenenni

    Thumbnail, toenail, supersize photos (under the hood)

    This question may feel too techie, but we see dealer website speed issues when the search results page (SRP) thumbnail/toenail images are larger than they need to be. We've got a dealer who uses a Homenet reseller for taking pictures, but they only upload a single 1024 x 768 image, so Dealer...
  3. georgenenni

    Are your Facebook Marketplace listings being hijacked?

    Posted this earlier today on LI, getting some good comments and action by dealers. Over the last few weeks we've discovered some FB Marketplace activity by third parties that is not pro-dealer. Third parties are posting the dealers inventory, in many cases without their knowledge, and hi-jacking...
  4. georgenenni

    Are you hearing of Ford's new CPO program, certifying non-Ford vehicles?

    Our Ford dealers are reporting details on Ford's new CPO program, with 2 tiers, blue & gold, which will include non-Ford vehicles with a much lower & cheaper coverage. Anyone else have more detail on this?
  5. georgenenni

    Any experience with Client Connexion Chat?

    I searched the forums and only found mention of this company several years ago. I ran into them on a couple stores, part of a new group we're working with. My initial goal is determining if they fire Google Analytics Events? So far I can't find any, and can't get response from support emails or...
  6. georgenenni

    Facebook reviews: Formula & Timing?

    Does anyone have knowledge or experience with influencing Facebook reviews/ratings? In late 2018 FB converted from actual star-ratings to "recommend" or "doesn't recommend", along with "other data signals" to calculate a star-rating. I've got a dealer-customer who has had strong recent success...
  7. georgenenni

    Chrome Extension shows competitor Google My Business categories

    We released a cool new (and free) Chrome Extension this morning called GMBspy. Many of us know that Google My Business (GMB) categories can be read for any location by searching the HTML. This process works, but is clumsy and slow. Why care about GMB categories? I believe they are one of the...
  8. georgenenni

    Is DealerRater breaking Schema rules for leverage against dealers?

    When you Google your dealership name, what 3rd parties appear in the search results? On your Google My Business page, what "Reviews from the web" appear? For many dealers DealerRater appears with their dealer listing. They use schema, along with their large amount of reviews to rank on page 1...
  9. georgenenni

    Any experience with SNAPLOT 360 from Homenet?

    A dealer-customer is asking about this solution for capturing interior and exterior 360s. Does anyone have experience with this solution, good or bad? Attached is a promotional PDF the dealer shared with me. Thank you!
  10. georgenenni

    Google My Business and Consistent Change

    Fascinating We are seeing a consistent change in consumer behavior around Google My Business for dealerships across the country. Since March 2020 there have been more Google My Business page views occurring in Google search results vs. Google Maps. Why is this happening? Less shoppers are...
  11. georgenenni

    Best Examples of "Thank You Pages"?

    Working with a longtime customer who wans to improve their Thank You pages. As most of you know, this is the page that appears after a lead form is submitted. These pages can be useful for destination lead tracking in Google Analytics. They can also improve customer experience by showing next...
  12. georgenenni

    Dealers Are Winning with Multiple “Google My Business”

    If automotive retailers want to maximize their opportunities with Google My Business (GMB), they must create separate departments for sales, service, parts and body shop. I’ve seen this topic debated online, and though some may disagree, I want the data to speak for itself in making this...
  13. georgenenni

    Deals4Dealers 100% Discount for Google Analytics Automotive Training & Certification

    Do you work at a car dealership, are either slow or furloughed, and want to improve your skills? Just imagine, coming out of this CV crisis with new skills, and increasing your value to the dealership?f I just generated 50 coupons for a 100% discount to our Google Analytics Automotive Training...
  14. georgenenni

    People's Choice Awards for Best Vehicle Photos?

    Hey Refreshers, I need your help. We're looking for 5-6 (or more) recent dealer examples (websites), where they (or 3rd party) are doing a phenomenal job on actual new and used vehicle photography. Indoor photo booths, or outside with natural light, hopefully some great examples of both...
  15. georgenenni

    General Motors Referral Traffic Falls off a Cliff?

    I've been posting examples of this issue on LinkedIn but wanted to share here in case some folks can shed some light. For Cadillac, Buick/GMC and Chevrolet dealers, I'm seeing a dramatic drop in Referral traffic from the OEM websites, but can't figure out why? Both sites are secure (https:)...
  16. georgenenni

    Guide for UTM-tagging URLs

    I take so much from the Dealer Refresh site, always want to make sure I'm sharing enough. I share the document below nearly every day with some new digital agency who can't seem to figure out how to properly UTM-tag campaign URLs. Click here to download: Feel free...
  17. georgenenni

    Adding Fixed Ops departments to Google My Business Listings

    After spending several hours watching the DealerOn's super-smart Greg Gifford at the spring DD (and taking several pages of notes), I went on a mission to establish departmental GMB listings for dealers. Greg started that Google had recently released “Departments”, and dealers can take...
  18. georgenenni

    Adding UTM to GMB Listing, but keeps reverting back?

    A standard process I implement for dealers is adding a UTM code to their Google My Business listing, so I can gain two benefits: 1) traffic goes into Organic channel vs. Direct, 2) I can seperately track clicks from GMB website link vs. all other organic clicks (on desktop and mobile). I've...
  19. georgenenni WWW issue for Secure Sites

    I've searched the forum and can't find a post on this, so figured I would throw it out there to help folks not aware of the issue. If you have a site, and are on the secure version (https), if you remove the WWW from the URL, the site won't resolve. Chrome gives an error: This...
  20. georgenenni

    YIKES! Autotrader Referral Traffic falls off a cliff in July 2018

    Noticing a sharp drop in Referral traffic from for my dealers across the country. Is everyone else seeing the same thing? Here is a YTD snapshot, with comparison to and Have tried investigating causes, maybe their recent changes in SRPs, VDPs, etc. Any...