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  1. Viracocha

    This may be more a question for Vendors - Is it possible to license MMR data or is it only for Manheim customers?

    I called the 1-800 but the girl who answered was totally lost. I havent been able to ascertain if they license valuation data like Blackbook and Nada Guides do/
  2. Viracocha

    Polk and Dealer Marketing

    Hey Folks! I was recently perusing Polk's site as I am still unclear as to what they offer directly to dealers with respect to direct mail and conquest marketing. On this page I saw some links to a bunch of non retail...
  3. Viracocha

    Carfax being sued by 120 Dealers

    Carfax slapped with $50M antitrust suit by 120 dealers Not so sure I am opposed to the suit, there was definitely some monopolization there.
  4. Viracocha

    Not a rumour: Query Builder being removed from Reynolds

    Just had an interesting call, we have been informed that there are two more security enhancements being offered to all Reynolds dealers free of charge. #1 They are removing Query Builder entirely from the system. This should address all potential security issues arising from data being...