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  1. JessicaRuth

    Webinar: Winning the Sale with Transparency

    @Brice Englert and this very community lead a very lively discussion about transparency in the sales process. Now, join Brice on this DealerON webinar about this very topic! December 10th at 12 EST Register Now! Date: Thursday, December 10, 2015 Time: 12 PM EST/9 AM PST Why Register if You...
  2. JessicaRuth

    Why Did Ford Drop Friends & Neighbors Promo?

    Ford pulled their Friends and Neighbors promotion - is it because the market is just so used to seeing incentives and discounts? "Starting Tuesday, Ford is moving to a new Holiday Sales Event," wrote Elizabeth Weigandt, a Ford spokeswoman, in response to a query. "Dealers offered insights on...
  3. JessicaRuth

    Service Marketing - What defines VALUE?

    @Jeff Kershner recently added this category and I can't believe we've made it this long without it. Sure, we've had some great discussions around driving service specific marketing efforts. BUT, let's get this category started by jumping into the basics. What are you doing at your dealership...
  4. JessicaRuth

    Favorite Non Auto Technology/Software?

    As far as industry solutions go - I bet there is a piece of software out there for everything you need (AND DON'T). What are you using daily that you didn't buy from an automotive vendor? For me, my number one is Evernote. I've heard great things about Slack (@emiltsch and @Daniel J...
  5. JessicaRuth

    Webinar: How to Optimize Your Marketing with Google Analytics

    Join @kevinfrye tomorrow at NOON for a CAN NOT miss webinar! If you missed How to Optimize Your Marketing with Google Analytics with @kevinfrye, here it is .. ARE YOU USING GOOGLE ANALYTICS TO VASTLY IMPROVE YOUR MARKETING AND, ULTIMATELY, SELL A LOT MORE CARS? In this eye-opening 1 hour...
  6. JessicaRuth

    Happy Birthday (and More) to Chris Leslie

    Hey! @Chris Leslie celebrated a birthday not too long ago! Happy Birthday, Chris. And! Chris is about to welcome a baby into the world. If you haven't met Chris IRL or ITF (In The Forums) then you're missing out. Chris is successful, creative and hilarious. He has insight that we all benefit...
  7. JessicaRuth

    Conquest Email Services - Exposed?

    @brianpasch has been hot the trail of exposing conquest email services that are flat out wasting your money. Could you be spending money each month to market to folks in another state? You bet. Brian has been collecting data around some companies and exposing those who are taking some...
  8. JessicaRuth

    GM Disct's To You and You and You and You

    Well, only if you're related. What is the deal with this? GM Dangles Special Pricing To Families of Dealership Staffers "For example, a GMC Acadia SLT with a sticker price of $41,745 can be had for the dealership-employee price of about $38,350, according to a GM website detailing the...
  9. JessicaRuth

    Would you color code your used cars?

    Used inventory graded by bronze, silver, gold, blue. Orlando dealer color codes his inventory based on its condition and says it increased sales. By A LOT. "The stores now advertise and organize their used inventory in four grades, all clearly differentiated on his sales lots with window...
  10. JessicaRuth

    Does Working Retail Make You a Better Person?

    I believe working in the service industry has many lasting and positive work ethics for people to take with them for the rest of their lives. I did it for years to get through college. At the end of my shift I knew that my attitude toward my customers had a direct impact of how much money I was...
  11. JessicaRuth

    Marketing Spends - Video vs the other stuff

    Video is unquestionably taking over. If I were to give you $10,000 to spend on marketing would you rather spend it on video or something else? Statistically, video is becoming more effective than "the other stuff" Here is a recent article about it, read that and then answer my question and...
  12. JessicaRuth

    What is the worst thing to happen....?

    On the last day of the month? We're mid month right now - but, I was thinking about us sharing our war stories of end of the month. AND, how we got through it. Can't wait to see what everyone has to share. Old and new members jump in! @Alex Snyder @Kelly Wilson @Joe Webb @Daniel J. Mondello...
  13. JessicaRuth

    Google Updates the Local Pack - Like it?

    Now instead of showing 7 local results, Google shows 3. What does this mean for number 4 and so on....well less calls and sales says this article. Any tips or best practices you're using to get into and STAY in the top 3 spots?
  14. JessicaRuth

    Auto Shows Strongly Influence Shoppers?

    I was a bit surprised to see this today: According to the study, 46 percent of attendees say they either “added” brands to their purchase consideration or “subtracted” them. More findings • 44 percent of people attend auto shows to learn about new vehicle technology. • 70 percent of...
  15. JessicaRuth

    What's the relationship between organic search and reviews?

    GREAT article/interview We talk about it all the time - great article to read while you're eating your lunch on this fine Monday. Just a tease.... Mark: For all of our concern about driving organic search traffic to our own sites, we really should be considering the fact that much of that...
  16. JessicaRuth

    Early Adopters of Wearables Have an Advantage?

    Latest article: Do you think that early adopters of wearable technology have an advantage over those who don't? I'm not just saying those who are sporting an Apple Watch... What comes to mind for me are those who are tracking their sleep, physical activity, and have the right apps connected to...
  17. JessicaRuth

    CA Dealer Group Sues TrueCar

    Says TrueCar is acting as a dealer and broker. Agree or disagree?
  18. JessicaRuth

    TV's NOT dead?

    What did you guys think of @Aaron Wirtz latest post about TV advertising? Aaron makes a great argument that our imagination and how we approach traditional marketing makes all the difference. "Yes, customer behavior is changing. Yes, dealers should adapt. Yes, digital offers immense...
  19. JessicaRuth

    Can you tell if a sales resume is lying?

    From our latest article on the blog The intent here is to focus you in on the major themes when reviewing a sales resume. When you’re looking at a sales resume that looks too good to be true, it probably is. I want you to focus...
  20. JessicaRuth

    Will you try advertising on live streaming?

    I'm just going to put this right here: The average live streaming user spends 106 minutes per day glued to their stream(s) of choice. I'm talking about Twitch - the online streaming outlet where gamers can stream themselves playing video games and other gamers will watch and chat with them...