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  1. ryan.leslie

    Hey Ford Dealers... Check your CRM's email automation before your Bronco reservations tell you to "buck off"

    See what I did there? ;) Got this email this morning: For those of you not following the launch of the 2021 Ford Bronco, it has been met with excitement from journalists, enthusiasts, and casual observers alike. The problem with this email is that the configurator is not yet live, packages...
  2. ryan.leslie

    NADA 2020 Roll Call

    We haven't done one of these in a while! -Will you be there? -Where will we find you? -What are you most excited to see or learn about this year? -Vendors, why should a dealer visit your booth?
  3. ryan.leslie

    Thoma Bravo to acquire J.D. POWER

    Thoma Bravo also has financial interest in Autodata and Canada's Trader. Here's the presser: What does Refresh think of this latest acquisition in automotive?
  4. ryan.leslie

    Consumer Confusion and Lead Response - How do you handle?

    I just finished skimming a "Pro Carvana" thread on LinkedIn written by a gentleman that was not affiliated with the industry. His perspective was purely as a consumer. From the original post and the comments to follow, a few things jumped out at me. Consumers still dislike the process. There...
  5. ryan.leslie

    Please be advised... (is it yours if you don't control it?) *RANT*

    Good afternoon, Please be advised that the third party product (CarStory) you requested to add to your website is not allowed for addition onto your FCA Digital program website. Please visit for a full list of all approved products and services within the FCA Digital...
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  7. ryan.leslie

    Mahk from Boston Rips another "Real People" ad

    Disclaimers: This is not safe for work due to language... unless you are from Bahston. This is not safe for members of the Chevrolet Marketing team, or their creative agency, with thin skin... as the kids say, this is SAVAGE!
  8. ryan.leslie

    Digital Dealer 25 Rollcall

    Digital Dealer 25 is right around the corner. Will you be there? What presenter are you most interested in seeing? What products and technologies are you most interested in researching? Which Refresher is buying the next round? Don't have a ticket yet? You may want to catch next week's...
  9. ryan.leslie

    CarStory is growing!

    CarStory has an immediate opening for an Appointment Setter. This is a remote role responsible for introducing our new A.I. powered Inventory Intelligence products to dealers that are already partnered with us for Market Reports. Through email, phone, text, and chat, the goal is simply to...
  10. ryan.leslie

    What do Ron Burgundy and Jalopnik have in common?

    It sounds like the setup to a good joke... the punchline, however, is a punch to the gut! Remember this creative series of ads featuring Will Farrell as Ron Burgundy supporting the release of the Durango? There are a ton of these, but this one is one of my favorites: Fast forward five+ years...
  11. ryan.leslie

    Anyone have a high level technical contact at VIN?

    Hello Refreshers, I am looking for a higher level technical contact at VinSolutions to help a mutual client with a feed-related concern. Does anyone have a friend or perhaps an ex-coworker at VIn they'd be willing to put me in touch with today? I'm always happy to return the favor when it...
  12. ryan.leslie

    What can we learn from an AI psychopath?

    TLDR: “Data matters more than the algorithm." - Professor Iyad Rahwan, MIT Meet Norman. Norman is the stuff bad sci-fi movies are made of, and the real result of programming a machine to learn from a fixed set of massively skewed data. Rather than give Norman, the name of a recent AI project...
  13. ryan.leslie

    Deals4Dealers Inventory Intelligence through A.I. and M.L. - An "Up to the Minute" Offer from CarStory

    TLDR: 50% OFF Subscription for Life (just $249/mo); No Contracts; FREE Apple Watch CarStory is reinventing inventory merchandising and management through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. You can learn more about CarStory and our approach to Inventory Intelligence on...
  14. ryan.leslie

    Retraining your customers... Value>Discount There was an interesting article on Jalopnik yesterday about used car pricing and the consumer's outdated notion that pre-owned profit margins are high. The author addresses this misconception directly...
  15. ryan.leslie

    NADA 2018 Roll Call

    We haven't done one of these in a while! Are you headed to NADA? What are you most looking forward to at the show? If you are a dealer, what is on your list of "must-see" tools and technologies? If you are a vendor working a booth, where can we find you and what are you giving away that dealers...
  16. ryan.leslie

    NADA 100, will you be there? Where will we find you?

    NADA is just a few weeks away. I'll be walking the hall and am eager to meet any other Refreshers. It is the 100 year anniversary of NADA, is this the year to have an official Refresh Meetup @Jeff Kershner and @Alex Snyder?
  17. ryan.leslie

    Fall Conference Season Roll Call

    We haven't done one of these in a little while. Will you be attending any of the automotive conferences this season? Which do you plan to attend? Are there any sessions that you think are "can't miss?" Digital Dealer 21 in Las Vegas - Aug 8th-11th Internet Sales 20 Group in Phoenix - Sept...
  18. ryan.leslie

    Join the team at CarStory!

    My good friend Heather MacKinnon, VP of Sales, is growing the CarStory sales team!! This is an awesome chance to represent a unique product in the industry, work from home and have a ton of growth opportunity too. Over 6,000 dealers have chosen to integrate our tools into their VDP in a little...
  19. ryan.leslie

    Consider this... Are your VDPs creating a V.D.P. ?

    In my new role at CarStory I've spent a ton of time on dealer's VDPs the last few weeks. I wonder if the average consumer would be surprised to hear what "VDP" means. Based on their shopping experience, would they have a different set of words for the acronym? Are we delivering engaging...
  20. ryan.leslie

    NADA 2016 Roll Call

    Who will be in Vegas this week? What are you there to do, see or demo? Where can we find you? I'll be walking the floor and look forward to seeing many familiar faces. If you see me, you should ask me about CarStory! I won't try to sell you anything, we don't have anything to sell, therefore...
  21. ryan.leslie

    TrueCar names AutoTrader veteran Chip Perry as CEO

    Interesting... “I’ve followed TrueCar’s progress for many years and am truly excited to be joining the company,” Perry said in a statement. “My initial focus will be on TrueCar’s dealer partners -- listening to them and finding ways to serve them better.” Mr. Perry's accomplishments at...