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  1. Alex Snyder

    FRIKINtech The Used Car Factory is real!

    I'll never forget the first time my green-pea'd self walked into the used car manager's office and said "hey boss, I've got a good one! They want us to get them a sedan with less than 30,000 miles for under $15,000." To which he replied: "does this look like a used car factory?" :lmao...
  2. Alex Snyder

    Automating the one thing a salesperson will do

    Was just on a call with @Jeff Kershner and @Jim K talking through some fun stuff. The conversation veered toward work that a salesperson would actually do without a manager slapping them. The one thing we could come up with is filling out the paperwork for a car deal. And this is why dealers...
  3. Alex Snyder

    FRIKINtech Is the Internet Department

    The DealerRefresh side of me hates being promotional, but hey - that's why we have these sponsored forums… and I'm excited about this one. I'm also giving the DealerRefresh community first shot at something special as we may have to limit to a handful of dealerships between now and the end of...
  4. Alex Snyder

    DealerRefresh is under SPAM attack by Emily

    Apologies to all who are being private messaged by "Emily." Obviously you should not click the link she sends because "she" is enticed to send more. I know a few of you did because you sent me the screen shots. You perverted bastards :shakehd: know who you are :poke: :lol: Jeff and I have...
  5. Alex Snyder

    Chip Shortages Normalizing by...

    Hearing a lot of different opinions on when vehicle manufacturing will be back on track with the norm. Some say Q4 of this year while others think it will be Q2 of 2022. What have you heard?
  6. Alex Snyder

    FRIKINtech How much better is lead connection rate when sending a quote?

    With the help of @Greg Wells at AllCall we have been doing some testing on how much better a dealer can do when giving the customer a real price quote. FRIKINtech is automating lead response with dynamic payment and price quotes out of the CRM and AllCall is calling the customers that engage...
  7. Alex Snyder

    Do you compete more with Carvana or Vroom?

    Some of you fight more with one or other depending on their physical presence. I see Vroom parking cars in the same shopping area my office is in. Those cars are right next to a high-traffic Starbucks! Dealer row is miles from here. And neither Vroom nor Carvana have showrooms in Vermont...
  8. Alex Snyder

    Edmunds advertising CarMax vehicles

    That didn't take long.
  9. Alex Snyder

    Glut of Cars Incoming!

    COVID has disrupted car dealers three times and is about to hit the fourth. The first time was being deemed a non-essential business and shutting down physical sales operations. Vendors reacted with deep discounting, dealers rushed to digital retailing, all with a mix of dealership layoffs and...
  10. Alex Snyder

    OEM Digital Retailing Exclusive - FCA, Nissan, Toyota, etc.

    As expected, it took OEMs this long to respond to the COVID quarantines from March of 2020. Right on time guys :poke: What dealers need right now is a digital retailing mandate ….nobody needs cars to sell. Here is a take on the recent FCA push by Brian Pasch. What other OEM pushes are...
  11. Alex Snyder

    Watch fanatics? Rolex, Omega, Tudor, Casio (the God Watch)

    We're in the car biz. Flashy ride, a fly suit, and some wrist bling is our thing. Right???!!! I love a classy watch. Hell, I even appreciate an iced-out baller bedazzler on someone else's wrist. Divers, chronos, dress, straps, mods, and the greatest watch of all time: Casio (Casio is the...
  12. Alex Snyder

    FRIKINtech Cherry pickin' time

    Earlier this year we launched a new feature that translates the customer's behaviors into something anybody in the dealership should be able to understand. It looks like this: BETA | Yes! Cassie has played with your cars & payments two different times. They spent the most time looking at loan...
  13. Alex Snyder

    Apple vs. Facebook & Google

    If you are not aware, a war is brewing because Apple is removing functionality from its operating systems. The claim is to protect consumer privacy as too many apps are utilizing consumer data for nefarious purposes. Apple sticks to advertising, but one must wonder what else may be going on...
  14. Alex Snyder

    FRIKINtech Ludicrous Leads that Go to Plaid

    I figured a new realiztion would be fun for the crowd. We introduced a BETA feature in January to help dealers make better sense of what the customer was doing and what their buying motivations are. Here is what a summation of that looks like: Within days of launching this a few of our...
  15. Alex Snyder

    FRIKINtech FRIKIN A - here we go

    My FRIKIN team and even @Jeff Kershner have pressured me into making the FRIKINtech forum on DealerRefresh. They all think we should be sharing our learnings and results with this community. So that's what we are going to do. They're right, we are discovering things that are quite relevant to...
  16. Alex Snyder

    Merry Christmas kids

    Hope you all have a Merry one this Friday!
  17. Alex Snyder

    Evolving Call to Actions - should ePrice die?

    The importance of websites drastically changed this year and I'm not convinced everyone has woken up to where that fully takes us. Digital retailing might be making leads, but it isn't creating much more than that on an appreciable level. It makes me believe we are still using the same old...
  18. Alex Snyder

    #RefreshFriday Jennifer Suzuki looked at the best and here's what she learned

    Wow, Jennifer goes above and beyond for her dealers! In the midst of a pandemic, Jennifer Suzuki hopped in cars and boarded planes to discover the best way to utilize digital retailing in a COVID world. She traveled from coast to coast and looked at all the popular tools. Not only was it about...
  19. Alex Snyder

    Going (did you attend) to Digital Dealer Virtual? What did you think?

    Jeff and I are attending Digital Dealer Virtual. It has been a while and I am looking forward to being able to consume so much content because it is virtual. I got the pleasure of being involved in a panel and loved the messaging the group had... something about Digital Retailing doesn't work...
  20. Alex Snyder

    Become an Internet Dealership

    Alex Snyder submitted a new resource: Become an Internet Dealership - Align the sales floor with the internet department and make more money Read more about this resource...