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  1. yagoparamo

    Cargurus, Please tell me how this benefits your customer (aka... The Dealer)????

    @Rick Buffkin again I don't disagree with you, but you are mad at the way most (all?) big corps work. The word "partnership" is completely misused in a B2B relationship but not less than the word/s "we treat you like family" used by many dealerships as well as many other slogans. My point is...
  2. yagoparamo

    Cargurus, Please tell me how this benefits your customer (aka... The Dealer)????

    @Rick Buffkin not that I disagree that the contract is... what it is, but check your cell phone contract, your gym contract, any contract you have at the dealer, etc--you get my point. For all the things one could blame a company's actions that is not really the big one.
  3. yagoparamo

    A.I. ain't A.I. in automotive. It is B.S.

    We are assuming that this even happens when humans are present...
  4. yagoparamo

    Are Car Dealers Liars?

    What is the purpose of this thread? To further spread the unwarranted public negative views of car dealerships? What is the benefit of posting 10 negative news when there are also thousands of transactions every day that are honest and provide a service to the public? I hope that those of you...
  5. yagoparamo

    It's 2019. What is a good Web Lead Close Rate? [Insert "yeah but our leads are different" here]

    Anyone here in a dealer group that can also show differences between their BMW or Audi store VS. their Ford or Dodge store?
  6. yagoparamo Advertising is a no go according to DDC themselves

    I truly don't know the set up but I don't think that 150 people managed 15,000 sites. 150 people managed some problems for those sites and directed the traffic for others. Code (javascript errors for example), 3rd party implementations, menu changes, etc will be sent to some programming level...
  7. yagoparamo Advertising is a no go according to DDC themselves

    I wish I had a penny for every dealer that told me that DDC [email protected]#! but that they have to stay with them BUT: 1) OEM mandates we stay with them. So this is not allowing you to grow your business but having a secondary site is too hard/expensive/difficult to grow your business? 2) You are more...
  8. yagoparamo

    See You Later Autotrader!

    I was going to rent an exotic car but there were no twin turbo Hyundai's available. Bummer.
  9. yagoparamo

    Blackhat CarGurus SEO Tactics PPT that produced

    Agreed that there are some clear, not just Google but plain business rules, that a company should follow. For example bringing traffic from a different country to increase numbers knowing that it will have no positive effect on actual sales. A los of those are not just "Google rules" but...
  10. yagoparamo

    Craigslist change... Have you been affected

    I knew that was coming... As a company, we are in the BMW, Toyota, Lexus, Kia, Mazda, GM, OEM programs. We sell a tool that allows dealers to build templates for Craigslist. We have no business relationship with Craigslist. We have similar tools for eBay, Google, and Facebook. That tool is much...
  11. yagoparamo

    Craigslist change... Have you been affected

    If you read Techcruch, their only confirmed allegation is that Craigslist was used to hire fake Santa's. The article also states that pretty much every other single available platform in the US was used for similar actions. So what is the news here? that the Russians used the Internet? At...
  12. yagoparamo

    Craigslist change... Have you been affected

    That article offers no relevant information at all; The Russians used Craigslist to hire fake Santa's to wear Trumps face around NYC? The Russians could have used (and may be they did) one hundred other sources to hire fake Santa's. The article tries to portrait Craigslist as if they did...
  13. yagoparamo

    Will Someone Please Copy the Domino’s Pizza Tracker?

    @steve.stauning You can probably sink $100,000 to develop this, another $100,000 in a tiny office with some business cards and small marketing material, $200,000 for 1 year salary for 2 salespeople, $100,000 to go with a 10X10 to Digital Dealer and some other travel; The show this to a dealer...
  14. yagoparamo

    Blackhat CarGurus SEO Tactics PPT that produced

    Will not advocate for cheating but make sure we don't forget a few things about SEO; Isn't the best SEO about finding the edge of what Google's algorithm allows? Isn't the best SEO about test/fail/test/fail/test/succeed? Isn't the best advertising company the one that finds an edge versus our...
  15. yagoparamo

    Automotive Vendor Ratings

    Of course, awards are a business like everything else. Who gets to be a speaker at most conferences? There is a business proposition behind everything. However we can be on a forum complaining about it while the world continues to grow with and around these, we can participate on them and...
  16. yagoparamo

    Automotive Vendor Ratings

    @Jeff Glackin I totally understand, they are definitely not perfect. In the end you have to think of the reason why someone creates an award series.
  17. yagoparamo

    Automotive Vendor Ratings

    @craigh I believe that AWA does their own research and if you have a product that they don't pick you can pay for them to review it. I don't particularly like the process but again, who else is spending the time to review systems for others? In the case that I described the company that didn't...
  18. yagoparamo

    Automotive Vendor Ratings

    I think is the same as saying that the fastest runner in the Olympics may not be the fastest runner in the world because not everyone tried for games. The system may not be perfect, as a matter of fact some vendors may be growing at what they consider sustainable pace and not need more...
  19. yagoparamo

    Automotive Vendor Ratings

    @craigh We just got rated top SEM provider at Driving Sales and we don't sponsor any of their events in any form. We work hard at providing the services and we ask ALL dealers to review them. Driving Sales calls the dealers to verify that the reviews are true. So while I strongly encourage...
  20. yagoparamo

    Why Yelp should Seriously Eat S*^&% and Die

    Yelp indexes very well specially on mobile searches, but since many mobile users are using social media apps that can bring recommendations based on geo locations (Facebook already doing that) will this new offering (in a sense a network consolidation) affect relying location indexing dependent...