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  1. yagoparamo

    Cars on Amazon

    Limited edition VW for sale on Amazon Italy during Thanksgiving weekend. If the fact that the automotive industry is rapidly slowing down, that 2018 projections are low, and that the main 3rd party sites talk is attibution (wait for the attribution assignment battle to start), are not enough...
  2. yagoparamo

    Facebook Messager website plug in

    Facebook Messager website plug in
  3. yagoparamo

    Facebook + KBB marketplace

    Facebook enters the game. Is there space for yet another 3rd party site?
  4. yagoparamo

    Craigslist captcha is back

    Craigslist has installed a captcha security step upon log in their system. This means that postings via their automated system (API) will continue as normal but any other updates will not be possible to automate such as deleting or updating vehicles. Your cars will be posted as usual but they...
  5. yagoparamo

    Happy Labor Day

    Hope everyone has great sales and some tim off Don't forget to bring your issues and questions to DR next week so you continue to grow personally (and to get some medals)
  6. yagoparamo

    Google presents. Sep 27th @ SEATTLE

    September 27th Taphouse Grill @ 6th AVE, Seattle. Google presents: "how to market your dealership in Google" Must RSVP @ (must be 21 or older) Presented by DealerEProcess - Content Motive - Google
  7. yagoparamo

    DD23 After Party. Sep 19th @ JEWEL

    September 19th JEWEL @ Aria, Las Vegas. Digital Dealer 23 #dd23 Must RSVP @ (must be 21 or older) Presented by DealerEProcess - Content Motive - Phone Ninjas - Vista Dash
  8. yagoparamo

    Google Posts

    Google just rolled out something new, called Google Posts. It is basically like a little image/card with the ability to have a link on someone’s Google My Business Page. (See the example below, circled in green). Cool Things: · It’s FREE! (to Google). You have to maintain/manage/create...
  9. yagoparamo

    Craigslist URL & image size changes

    Craigslist just changed their URL structure to include Make Model and trim in some cases. Small change but perhaps an attempt to have a better SEO structure? You can now also send larger photos and the customer can expand. The small photo is at 640X480 (standard automotive feed) and the new...
  10. yagoparamo

    Chevy impala hard to sell

    Well... maybe if we had 1000 dealers putting their minds into marketing, promoting, and pushing to sell Impalas there would be more demand. But for now lets keep advertising the same car, with the same content, with the same incentives, with the same colors, in 1000 identical, impersonal...
  11. yagoparamo

    MOZ 2017: SEM SEO and Alexa

    Samantha and Oksana are finishing up at MOZ and they are already sending science fiction advances to us. "Something interesting that we learned at MOZ is that with voice and chat bots (Alexa and Google Home) you have to rank #1 to get answers, whether that’s through SEO or PPC! If someone asks...
  12. yagoparamo

    Google ads text to my business page

    Google continues to add new features and this week they announced they are rolling out the "chat with your customers", a texting feature on Google My Business. Once activated, customers can message you right from the knowledge graph.
  13. yagoparamo

    Facebook Bluetooth Beacons

    Just got this from Dave Page, very interesting bluetooth beacon technology from Facebook,
  14. yagoparamo

    Happy 4th!

    May freedom extend far beyond our borders and touch everyone that exists and will exist. No man is free until all men are free.
  15. yagoparamo

    Support #CalebvsCancer!

    For some reason this didn't make it to the forums it is only in the blog section. Click the link, put $20 (or more). Today. I really want to thank @Jerry Thibeau and @Shereef for putting big money down. I'm calling...
  16. yagoparamo

    Kar Biz Karma

    Worth watching and reading. As of yesterday 1/15/2015 the dealer's website was down.
  17. yagoparamo

    Mark the plumber + Autonation

    Texas City plumber's truck ends up in Syrian war
  18. yagoparamo

    Digital Seminar Seattle-PCG & DealerLab-Nov 4-5-6

    As part of our ongoing efforts to grow our dealer's knowledge we have put together a class or event every quarter since 2011. On November 4-5-6 we have planned two very special events. Preparing Your Dealership for 2015 On Tuesday, November 4th DealerLab is sponsoring Brian Pasch to spend one...
  19. yagoparamo

    Adding videos to ADP CRM Autoresponse

    I would appreciate if someone in the community can come to my rescue. I have a dealer trying to add videos to ADP's auto response and they are having a hard time adding them. Can someone share of they have been successful adding videos to their ADP CRM?
  20. yagoparamo

    False Facebook advertising

    Very interesting four our community: Published on Feb 10, 2014 Evidence Facebook's revenue is based on fake likes. My first vid on the problem with Facebook: The Problem With Facebook - YouTube I know first-hand that Facebook's advertising model is deeply flawed. When I paid to promote my...