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  1. Mitchell Brenner


    We are looking into InMarketSolution as a conquest marketing company. Does anyone have any experience with them?
  2. Mitchell Brenner

    We Need Innovation

    We are looking to replace all our computers but want to replace them with cutting edge technology that can make them more interactive with our customers and be able to run all our needed software. The owner suggested iPads for everyone but they can not replace computers so are there any...
  3. Mitchell Brenner

    12 Time Precision Award Winning Dealership In Need Of A BDC Agent to Work In Our BDC.

    Opportunity and position information: Great opportunity for an experienced Automotive Customer Relations Manager/BDC Agent and we are especially interested if YOU have great phone and computer skills. Great earning potential for the right candidate. Salary plus commissions. Earn $$...
  4. Mitchell Brenner

    Equity Mining Solutions

    We recently signed up with Xtream Service for our equity mining and we love what we've seen so far. (Two sales in a week). My question is to anyone using any of the equity software solutions (Autobase, Xtream, Auto Alert) what is a best practice for mining the Service Lane customer that we...
  5. Mitchell Brenner

    We Need Two BDC Coordinators

    Opportunity and position information: Great opportunity for an experienced Customer Relations Manager and we are especially interested if YOU have great phone and computer skills. Great earning potential for the right candidate. Salary plus commissions. Earn $$ for Showed Appointments and...
  6. Mitchell Brenner

    A Shout Out To ContactAtOnce!

    I'm sure it's rare that companies receive a thank you but I for one feel it's just as important to pass along positive, as well as negative feedback. Signing up with Contact At Once was the single best move we've done to generate quality leads on people READY TO BUY! Last month alone we sold...
  7. Mitchell Brenner

    OEM Approved Websites Vs. Dealership Exclusive WebsitesAs most manufacturers now have approved Websi

    As most manufacturers now have approved Website vendors that they force dealerships to use in order to receive the OEM leads, how many of you have a Dealership Exclusive Website as well and Why?
  8. Mitchell Brenner

    Is abusing your Google Maps positioning fair business practice?

    I love competition! It makes me, and hopefully my dealership, better as it keeps you on your toes to keep thinking outside the box and come up with unique and interesting ideas. We all use SEM and SEO to get the jump on our competition and I for one would never begrudge a dealership for...
  9. Mitchell Brenner

    Dealer.Com's SEO is unmatched

    I have to hand it to Dealer.Com. I was looking at my SEO reports and we were dominating in most of the areas I had focused on. I spoke to my account rep, Nathan, who is awesome. I asked him if he felt we should try to focus some SEO on a certain area of PA. He suggested we could certainly do it...
  10. Mitchell Brenner

    Please Friend Our Facebook Page

    I'm getting lonely! Precision Acura Facebook Page Thank you!:D
  11. Mitchell Brenner

    Networks On Facebook

    I see some dealers and vendors have created Networks on Facebook but I can't find where they created them. Does anyone know how to create a Facebook Network?:)
  12. Mitchell Brenner

    First Full Day With Vin Solutions

    I just wanted to write about our first full day with Vin Solutions. As anyone who has ever changed their CRM, or DMS, system quirks, issues etc. always come up. Now we've been with Higher Gear for over eight years so we expected some resistance. Well a funny thing happened on the way to the...
  13. Mitchell Brenner

    Is anyone else having this issue with Cars.Com and Autotrader?

    We have seen a sharp decrease in the effectiveness in our Cars.Com and Autotrader business. Leads are down. Phone calls are down. Hits to our website from them are down. Of course their only answer is to always ask us what we're doing wrong so let's get that out of the way. We have custom...
  14. Mitchell Brenner

    Does Autotrader think we're all oblivious?

    Can anyone tell me what a customer, and/or dealership, could possibly gain from Autotrader having Pre-Owned vehicles default from highest price to lowest on a customer search other than increase their page views for their stockholders and future subscribers? Does Autotrader do anything without...
  15. Mitchell Brenner

    My Visit To Dealer.Com

    :DI've always been a skeptic. I guess it was my Brooklyn upbringing or twenty seven plus years in the auto industry but all I know it's there. I've dealt with all the big Website companies and have found most of them to either be too rigid in their thinking or they lacked ability to get my...
  16. Mitchell Brenner

    Which CRM Do You Like and Why?

    We are in the final stages of our decision as to which CRM to go with. Can anyone who is happy with their CRM tell me which one you are using and what you like about it?:hello:
  17. Mitchell Brenner

    Changing CRM's

    We are changing CRM's and the consensus from the management team is to go with Reynolds and Reynolds' Contact Management. I'd like to hear from people who are currently using the system to let me know their honest thoughts as to: 1) Ease of use for the sales staff 2) Handling of Internet Leads...
  18. Mitchell Brenner

    Getting out of our Higher Gear contract

    As anyone who has ever used Higher Gear knows, it's way behind the times. It's gotten to the point that they don't even return emails or follow through on their promises to. (This is the owner and president). That said, we have, after many years, decided we need to make a change. Has anyone...