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  1. BHavican

    BDC Activity

    How long does a 5 minute phone call take? 60 minutes in an hour / 5 minute phone call = 12 per hour 8 hour shift * 12 calls = 96 calls "But sometimes calls take longer than 5 minutes!!!!!!!! I can't do that!!!!" I'd be willing to bet that at least 50% of the calls don't connect with a...
  2. BHavican

    Amazon Vehicles

    That escalated quickly... Amazon Will Now Deliver a Car to Your Doorstep "Amazon Prime subscribers around Los Angeles will be able to get a Hyundai delivered to their doorsteps for a test drive. Hyundai has partnered with Amazon to bring an on-demand test drive program to one of California’s...
  3. BHavican

    Amazon Vehicles

    In case you haven't heard, Amazon just launched a new feature called Amazon Vehicles. Right now it's just a resource for information on various vehicles but they're obviously positioning themselves to enter the market. The way the site is built now is similar to other lead generators, but who...
  4. BHavican

    Auto Lending: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

    What really irked me about this piece is that the bulk of the stories he referenced were from many years ago. For example, the story about the $3k car a lady bought with service contracts and other adds for 9k which payments would total over $13k if she made the minimum payment for the term of...
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  6. BHavican

    Is it OKAY to use a "FILTER" on your inventory photos?

    I think they did a great job with these photos. If it's in pristine condition like I'm assuming this Jeep is, I don't see anything wrong with using filters. It's no different than what the OEMs do in their advertisements for new cars. I think you run into problems however if you use filters...
  7. BHavican

    Automotive Digital Retailing - Who offers a full solution for dealerships?

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one @Ryan Gerardi. In recent news, with their new brand launch Genesis is mandating that our sites(DDC only) have Digital Retailing on them (there are other restrictions as well, such as not being able to list pre-owned cars). While attending a launch webinar the...
  8. BHavican

    I just SOLD a car - USING TEXT ONLY

    I have an Android and my photos are automatically backed up to Google Photos. On Google Photos, I can click the images and create an album, takes 15 seconds. Then I can share a link to it, can copy and paste the link to Carcode and send, maybe an extra minute? I'm sure the average rep...
  9. BHavican

    I just SOLD a car - USING TEXT ONLY

    We have Carcode as well and when a customer requests that I text them pics, I'll upload them using Google Photos, create an album ("Betty and Bob's new Hyundai"), share that album, and text the link. I like Google but you could easily do this with a number of different solutions like Dropbox...
  10. BHavican

    Chat on your Mobile Website - ANNOYING or Useful?

    I've tested this and it's not even close to true. The increase in form submissions and phone calls after dropping chat was very small to the point that I couldn't determine that the increase was because of dropping chat or some other cause. Chat ideally allows a shopper to get an answer to a...
  11. BHavican

    Kershner's back to the dealer diary

    Getting your inventory host to do the override is the big key in this because trying to get "matchmaking" sites to use a Misc field will drive you insane.
  12. BHavican

    Work at home BDC??

    If I'm managing a BDC staff I want to be in the room with them. Regardless what I'm doing or working on, I'm always listening to our reps' conversations to give positive reinforcement, encouragement, training, or grab the phone for a T.O. While there are a few great partners out there that do...
  13. BHavican

    Kershner's back to the dealer diary

    I haven't been on the vendor side, but I did switch groups about 6 months ago. Three words: Total Opportunity Management What are you salespeople, sales managers, service advisors, and service managers doing with the customers they get? Are they collecting the right info (email, phone #...
  14. BHavican

    Nationwide Bank partners with TrueCar for "Single Stop"

    IMO they've been trying to be more dealer friendly which I think has kept clients and brought back former ones. Also, as more OEMS move toward MAAP, I think more consumers are going to look to sites like TC to find a discounted price. I've seen lead volume increase at for our Mazda store for...
  15. BHavican

    AutoGravity - Car Finance on your Smartphone

    Initial thoughts: Most people with above average credit safeguard their personal information and do not fill out credit applications with their SSN and other personal data (that's why they have good credit) before they've agreed to terms or at the very least have already chosen what they want...
  16. BHavican

    Can used cars with top quality photos be priced higher?

    It's an interesting concept. At the very least, this transparent photo I just saw got me to click.
  17. BHavican

    Online Shopping to Online Buying

    I appreciate your concern over our business model and the people we employ. If it helps alleviate your concern, we have a very low turnover rate and are able to recruit quality salespeople. To be quite honest, I'm grateful an opportunity came about for me to work with such an incredible team...
  18. BHavican

    Online Shopping to Online Buying

    That's a lot of questions. I'll just try and make my point of view as easy to understand as possible. We price our used vehicles using vAuto and it's our strategy to price them aggressively to create a faster turn rather than maximize profit on each sale. We price our new Hyundais pretty...
  19. BHavican

    Online Shopping to Online Buying

    At our group, in our market, yes. We have a lot of business professionals that are in this area and shop our brands. Time and convenience is important to them and having this solution would help us sell a few more cars than the competitor 5 miles away that wouldn't have the solution. Our...
  20. BHavican

    Online Shopping to Online Buying

    If the cars listed on a dealer's site show a price that's profitable, then I don't see the problem with letting someone buy the car for that price in a way that's most convenient for them. Is there a new car dealer that you can point me to that's done true online buying? I'd be all in if there...