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  1. Jason@nabthat

    Website ADA Compliance - Lawsuits Coming (is your site built for the blind)

    A couple of dealers we know received a notification that their website is not ADA compliant and may face a pending lawsuit...others in the industry have confirmed that they too have received a similar notice. If anyone is not familiar with ADA compliance - it is an ambiguous regulation...
  2. Jason@nabthat

    Weird SERP with Google - What's Up With That?

    What was the keyword you used? Try using something generic like “honda dealer” or “GMC Dealer”
  3. Jason@nabthat

    Weird SERP with Google - What's Up With That?

    @ericmiltsch, Hey Eric good to hear from you. Chrome Browser (with location on)
  4. Jason@nabthat

    What do you guys think of everything that's happening with Facebook?

    Google once had competitors, they crushed them. Better management, better acquisitions, better execution. What happened to Alta Vista or Excite :) We forget how young these companies are. Government regulations are not up to speed with today’s tech and consumer usage. The anti trust lawsuits...
  5. Jason@nabthat

    If You Dropped AutoTrader - Where would you put the Money

    @Eley Duke Simple....Google (it is where you find intent based audiences). You can run some clever Display Marketing campaigns that target Dynamic Keywords, Domains, Interests, etc.
  6. Jason@nabthat

    A.I. ain't A.I. in automotive. It is B.S.

    I think we need to first start off with what the exact definition of AI "the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages." I think...
  7. Jason@nabthat

    Weird SERP with Google - What's Up With That?

    No changes on our end and our sites are ranking like they always have. I was just curious if anyone was seeing organic results with listings of dealers hours away...
  8. Jason@nabthat

    Weird SERP with Google - What's Up With That?

    A lot more moving pieces now with Google; Ads, GMB, Maps and Organic Thought there would be some more activity with the community here about what they are seeing...:sleep:
  9. Jason@nabthat

    Weird SERP with Google - What's Up With That?

    Chris, thanks. The results are looking better for some areas than others. Our pages are ranking fine, but it was just strange seeing dealers hours away on the SERP. Again could be the AI piece of Google. Here is an example from today: I am in LA (near UCLA) and my closest Honda Dealer...
  10. Jason@nabthat

    Weird SERP with Google - What's Up With That?

    We are seeing some strange things with Google Organic SERP's and was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same thing. Primarily around "dealer" keywords, i.e. honda dealer, honda dealers, honda dealership, honda dealer near me, etc. Google is pulling dealers from locations a flight away and...
  11. Jason@nabthat

    It's 2019. What is a good Web Lead Close Rate? [Insert "yeah but our leads are different" here]

    Great topic. I am a big believer in "deconstructionism" and this has led me to believe that leads = sales. The more exclusive the lead is the higher the closing rate, i.e. dealer website leads. In the deconstruction model of a car sale, two pieces of the "sale" are left on the table - The...
  12. Jason@nabthat

    PR & News Toyota and Lexus Hacked

    Toyota and Lexus Central Dealership data center in Japan was hacked last week. Read the Forbes article below: Might be a good time to look at how data flows through your dealership and website...
  13. Jason@nabthat Requesting Facebook Page Admin Access

    Same issue here...our dealers are getting unsolicited requests (without consent) to have admin access to their Facebook Page by and even after refusing the requests continue.
  14. Jason@nabthat

    Web visits to web generated lead conversion rates for benchmarks

    @Alexander Lau @Rick Buffkin Yes, I am being generic and am strictly speaking about SRP/VDP Leads from Call-to-Actions like "Get E-Price" "Check Availability"...No service, no finance, no calls, etc.
  15. Jason@nabthat

    Web visits to web generated lead conversion rates for benchmarks

    The industry average for converting unique visitors into a lead submission is approximately 1%. Contact me directly and can provide more insight into the specific websites and how they convert.
  16. Jason@nabthat

    Coolest Lead Response Tools

    We have been providing an Auto Response platform for over a year. Sent from dedicated email servers guaranteeing Inbox delivery. Sales and BDC can generate manual Certificates as well. Platform communicates with your CRM, provides visitor usage, alerts dealers when users come to their site...
  17. Jason@nabthat

    Edmunds' Open Vehicle Data API Alternatives?

    Edmunds started restricting access to their API starting in 2016; turning off accounts and making users fill-out an application to get access. There really are none out there :2quiet: - We built our own
  18. Jason@nabthat

    DealerAuthority Third-Party Data & Social Media

    Anyway we can stop talking about Bounce Rate, Time on Site, Pages/Sessions - They are somewhat meaningful in a broad sense of "meaningful", which broken down is nothing more than "meaningless" :unclejoe: . (I think any dealer would take 1 page, 50% bounce rate, 45 sec time on site if it meant...