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  1. ed.brooks

    Your presence is your leverage

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh BOY! This is the second opportunity I've had to share a @joe.webb video TODAY!
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    Events & Workshops Pasch's AAAS in Palm Beach review

    You honestly EXPECTED some sort of well-thought-out, intellectually sound, rebuttal to being called a [email protected]? Really?!
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    Lead wall on your website

    We had a local dealer who used a 'Lead Wall' until they were bought out by a much larger dealer group. This dealer used a "For The People" marketing program that I believe was developed by Greg Goebell. As I understand it, for this dealership anyway, they relied on an extensive radio...
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    Events & Workshops Pasch's AAAS in Palm Beach review

    I don't think @Alexander Lau likes ANYTHING
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    BREAKING news! Carvana & Vroom is bleeding cash. Is Ecommerce in auto DOA?

    Interesting article in AutoRemarketing today, "Carvana marches toward becoming ‘largest, most profitable’ retailer" Excerpt: (P)resident, and chief executive officer Ernie Garcia III... “Third quarter was our 23rd quarter of triple-digit revenue growth, and a 250% growth in the number of cars...
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    Digital Retailing - What are your results?

    I listened to the great RefreshFriday. Nice Job @Jeff Kershner @Alex Snyder and Kevin Fry! It prompted me to go back and look at a prediction I made almost exactly five years ago on DrivingSales; "My sense is the winners and losers in the business, five years from now, will be predicated by how...
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    Is there room for a tiny independent here?

    I am fucking offended!
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    A.I. ain't A.I. in automotive. It is B.S.

    Leaving this right here -- from CBT News AI: What Every Dealership Needs to Know About This Industry Game-Changer
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    Where is Amazon going with this?

    I hear may be for sale :cool:
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    A.I. ain't A.I. in automotive. It is B.S.

    Saw this Tweet today Just gonna leave this right here
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    A.I. ain't A.I. in automotive. It is B.S.

    Early days, folks. Early days. AI Based Conversational Interfaces Will Become a Substitute for Web Forms
  12. ed.brooks & Facebook Product

    To me it looks like the dealer has two chat vendors active at the same time in Facebook Messenger (CarNow and DealerInspire). Dealers, you can't do that! Pick one. When you have two active at the same time, you get this bad customer experience.
  13. ed.brooks

    Leaving Customers Unattended In Showroom

    I spent an evening in Burlington, VT this week, before flying out in the morning. I had the pleasure of having a beer with the illustrious @Alex Snyder. From what I heard FRIKINtech can keep them occupied with their own deal, their own numbers, their own car -- Not looking at competing info.
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    Microphone Suggestion for Video Replies

    If you can wait a bit @Alex Snyder, Rode has announced a mic that may be right for your needs. The Rode PodMic is a Dynamic Microphone (better at rejecting extraneous sounds) with an XLR connector for use with an audio interface like the Focusrite. Some UK websites have it listed for pre-sale at...
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    TAKE POLL Digital Retailing - do you?

    Here's a great conversation between Jared Hamilton of DrivingSales and @joe.chura of Dealer Inspire discussing Digital Retailing
  16. ed.brooks is being told to profit or sell

    CDK Global expected to make bid for
  17. ed.brooks

    Microphone Suggestion for Video Replies

    @Alex Snyder was ALREADY shopping around for new gear, I'm only helping to ensure that he makes the most of his budget :cool:
  18. ed.brooks

    Microphone Suggestion for Video Replies

    My advice, swap in the Shure SM58-LC Vocal Microphone (same mic capsule plus a spherical pop and wind filter) in place of the SM57. Back in the day -- a day a LONG time ago, but these Shure mics have been around for decades -- back in the day when I was miking a different band every night, drums...
  19. ed.brooks

    Microphone Suggestion for Video Replies

    Most professional podcasters use dynamic mics and not condensers. The big boys (the Joe Rogans and the Gary Vees of the world) tend to use one of 3 microphones; the Shure SM7b, the Electro-Voice RE20, or the Heil PR 40 -- Dynamic Mics all. They normally pair it with a Cloudlifter Mic Activator...